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Ice Age

Starring the voices of: Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, Goran Visnjic and Jack Black
Directed by:Carlos Saldanha and Chris Wedge
Rated: PG
ALSO: an emily blunt interview w/Galen Chu (animator of Ice Age HERE)

Ice Age is wonderful. The characters are adorable. Parents will enjoy this too...there's plenty of intelligent humor woven within the banter of the critters. In fact the age barrier tumbles down like an avalanche with all the clever humor on the screen. It's sure to please all. Take the kids and get to the theater, Ice Age will warm all your hearts!

Story goes...
It's getting cold and the animals are starting to migrated south for the "chill." This year one of a pack of Sloth, Sid has been left behind. He's a bit of an idiot but non-the-less a warm blooded little character.

As he attempts to catch up with his family, he accidentally ruins the veggie lunch of a couple of trendy rhinos. They're royally pissed off and are about to stampede him to death,when Sid's luck changes and he runs into a lone mammoth, Manfred.

Manfred doesn't like herbivores killing for the hell of it and defends the little fellow.

That's his first mistake. Now, Sid attaches himself to his new bodyguard to great protest from the sad beast. Manfred puts up, best he can with the new tag along.

As the two new "friends" continue they find, and rescue, a tiny man baby from a sure death. Now Manfred is caretaker for two.

There's another story behind the saved baby though as the two are to discover. Vengeful saber tooth tigers are also hunting the baby and one of these toothy meanies, Diego, attempts to retrieve the infant from the mammoth. Manfred just doesn't trust Diego and refuses to hand over the youngin'.

They make a deal the saber tooth will guide the sloth, baby and mammoth to the pass where the humans are headed. They want to return the baby to the parents who appear to be heading that way for the season.

Diego, suspiciously agreeable however, has other plans for the baby, and sets forth his own agenda as they all head off into the mountainous terrain.

The story that follows the three "sub-zero heroes" and their adopted baby teaches us all about the meaning of true friendships, trust, honor and loyalty while keeping all these lessons delightfully light and riddled with giggles. Ice Age is truly a treat for the whole family. Clever bits of real history are mingled with the fun and fantastical…like skiing sloth for one. Blue Sky Studios, the animation studio behind Ice Age may just give Pixar a little healthy competition! The people were a tad creepy, but the animals moved graciously and looked like they'd have a body temperature.

The voices of the subzero heroes are Ray Romano as Manfred the Mammoth, Denis Leary as Diego, and John Leguizamo as Sid the silly sloth.

Ice Age gives us a delightful peek at what really went on back before we ran things. Enjoy!

Snack recommendation: Ice Age ice-cream available in supermarkets now!

Official site = Loads of fun!

Blunt Aside: The PG rating is due to some real life lessons, like death. Wee ones may get a little upset. You'll have to make that call.


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