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Me, Myself and Irene

Starring: Jim Carrey and Renee Zellweger
Directed by: Bobby Farrelly

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Fun, fun, fun till his daddy takes the lithium awayyyy...

Dumber and Dumber boys AKA The Farrelly Bros. (Peter and Bobby) bring you perhaps the funniest film since, well, Dumber and Dumber. Before you read on, there is a prerequisite to enjoying this flick. You must find fore mentioned D&D hysterically funny.

Also, you will have had to have choked from your own saliva at least four times while viewing and acquiring an understanding of the intricate comedic depth of the Farrellys' make-you- involuntarily-spit-snot-across-the-room classic film noir, Something About Mary.

Why? Because in Me, Myself and Irene the brothers are back with their take-no-hostages- gurgling-in-the-gutter-junior high-esque-poopy-smooshed-in-your-face-with-corn style of humor or the slapstic-blatant-simplistic genius of Farrelly may be lost on you. (Tee-hee)

They get Jim (-whoa, is this guy getting even better looking?Purr...-) Carrey to shine like the streaming cosmic ball of comedy he is. He's a physical comedian, and they've super-sized his skills here. He's flying around like a busted blow up mandoll. All rubber jointed and spastic- and it's just magical the things this man can do with his whole bend-able self. A thought I'd love to pursue...(she said with her eyebrow ERECT in mischief)...

Yes siree Bob! From the beginning to the end your gonna need a government issued respirator to catch your breath.

Story goes... mild mannered cream-o-wheat police officer Charlie Baileygates (Carrey) just can't seem to get pissed, angered, or perturbed, about anything. So bad is his placid being that even when his" loving" wife gives birth to triplets that are Samuel L. Jackson's shade-o-dna he remains serene. And when Charlie's enlightened to the choco-trips father's identity, a Mensa (a really, really smart person's club) member-Afro-American-dwarf guy, he accepts his situation with what can only be described as a Nicholas Cage-like calm. Pitiful pup.

However, years of composer goes awry one day. Charlie's done being a floormat. Well, not Charlie, but Hank (also Carrey) . Seems dear Charlie's is a bonafide multiple personality schizoid with narcissistic tendencies or something. Alter ego Hank starts to slip in and out through the plainly veneered Chuck's persona. This is perhaps one of the funniest concepts on film to date. Hank's like the Ying to Charlie's Yang. Hank's crude, rude, and very attractive in a masochistic kind of way.

Enter Irene (Renee "No, I don't smell shit, I just look like this. F*ck off" Zellweger). A wrongly accused woman who is apprehended by the Rhode Island troopers. She must be expedited upstate. They give Charlie/Hank the job. The love bug bites "them" in the ass and the hootenanny begins!

The two men occupying the same mind and body start to fight for the girl's affections! How clever is that?

And pleeeeaaase, don't start whining about all the "protests" you have heard a buzzin' about! For crimminey sakes - this is why real issues get ignored! Still can't figure out how this was insulting to anyone. Remember they protested the fish from Perfect Storm too. They were plastic fish. Idiots. That's the point…it's all plastic NOT real, it is a m-o-v-i-e. And it's comedy, which makes virtually any subject fair game...

Jim Carrey is a treasure. He's worth the eighty gizzilion dollars they pay him to bring laughter into our mediocre lives. Unlike most hacks (sneeze -Adam Sandler-ah choo-Tom Green-sniff). Don't get me started. Ah, to be alone with Jim...a bottle of Magic Shell...and a whip...

Get out and see this movie. It's silly, unrealistic and the perfect " forget your troubles, come on get happy" movie. Plenty of juvenile humor and even a mechanical cow prop. Now how you gonna top that?

 Buy it! No don't, no buy it, no don't —BUY IT!

Snack Recommendation: Jim Beam and Slim Jims.




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