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I Spy
Starring: Eddie Murphy, Owen Wilson, Famke Janssen, and Malcom McDowell
Directed by: Betty Thomas






Ya know I love Owen Wilson right? Yeah, we started out on the wrong foot. What with his frequently annoying film attempts...but there was all this respect for him as a writer and the well done jobs he's handed in. He's a comic bipolar talent. I couldn't help but fall smitten. However, here the money people would have done better to use him behind the camera to write the damn story. I use the word "story" in its lowest kindergarten definition here folks. Shame on this enormous talent for serving up this farcical poop. I am going to have to slip into The Royal Tenenbaums DVD - quickly - to counteract the venom I feel welling around my heart.

Eddie Murphy gets lip too. I mean okay, he is one of our greatest living comedians so what's the deal? Can he not read? How could someone this talented agree to something so bad. The team up with Wilson not only doesn't work but it's exhausting to watch the two battle for the punchline like rank amateurs showing off for a girl in the playground!

The plot revolves around some ludicrous theft of a stealth craft and Alex (Owen Wilson) and Kelly (Eddie Murphy) are teamed to get it before the world is put in everlasting peril...snore. It's like Eli Cash (Owen's Royal Tenenbaum character) smoked too much hash and is narrating a story as only a drug crazed prophet could. In his daydream he casts Eddie Murphy and throws in an abundance of semi-nonsensical jokes....except we sit there visually experiencing every silly second of his trip!


I think you are getting my blatant hostility for the film no? I suffered as gag after gag fell flat and longed for the theater attendees to yell "Fire!." Anything to escape. It never happened. I walked out nearly shocked they even had the balls to make me see this.

I do remember when I chatted with Malcom McDowell (shamefully wasted here as well) he mentioned Murphy had a plane deliver cereal - a whole cargo plane's worth - to the I Spy shoot location abroad. Hmm, perhaps Eddie's Bowfinger performances were not entirely acting? Could the man be mad?

Feel lucky I am here to warn you - bluntly- on this one. I mean before you too wasted an evening and your hard earned dough on this fiasco.

Snack recommendation: Dinner and another film, perhaps Red Dragon...


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