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Jeepers Creepers 2

Jonathan Breck, Ray Wise, Justin Long, Nicki Lynn Aycox, Gariyaki Mutambirwa
Director: Victor Salva



Jeepers creepers why'd ya make a sequel…jeepers creepers gotta warn them all…
Okay, it's not that bad - but close to it!

Story goes…every 23rd year for twenty-three days "it" gets to eat. What is it? Not sure - still. But it seems to be a winged demon that harvests its body parts from humans. As it dines on a particular limb or organ its body rejuvenates. Then again it also says on the 23rd day he gets to eat for one day. So I have no idea what they are doing….

For his primary prey, in this version, The Creeper has picked out a traveling school bus filled with athletic high school kids. He pops the bus' tires via MacGyver-like four point human bone ninja stars and they are suddenly stranded. Naturally the cell phones don't work, no one is answering the bus' radio calls and there's not a local soul in sight.

The adults are quickly devoured - practically gore free - and we are left with bickering stereotypes of American teens. And a sub story of an angered father hunting The Creeper after it noshed on his young son.

The verbal and horror cliché's are flying faster then the minutes in this trite piece of creeping crap. The kids quickly learn this "thing" that's put them on his dinner menu is not of this world but none of us ever learn from what world it does come from! Argh.

Still sounds scary right? Yeah. And the first one was. But this time the scare factor of the creeping unknown mad psycho was gone. We know what he's up to and - I think - were looking for why. Even as a stand-alone film Jeepers Creepers 2 is dull. There are a few moments that Goosebumps try to emerge - but never make it past un-hatched chickbumps I fear. Because basically The Creeper is just a pterodactyl winged Freddy Kruger with Godzilla feet on a carnivorous feeding frenzy. Um- snore.

They missed a great opportunity to get under this creature's skin. Last time The Creeper had this dismal dwelling of death - this time he doesn't - though they bring it up via a radio newscast. Super cheese out or what??? Last time he lurked. He was mysterious. This time he's just right in the open - killing away leaving several of his victim's cars smashed into oak trees (looked like the same oak tree, different rent a wreck). Yet there's not a cop in site - ever.

This is a cheap creep that is certainly not worth the gold bullion it requires to venture out to a theater these days. Skip this and wait for rental - if even.

Snack recommendation: Dinner and another scary movie like say 28 Days Later...

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