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Jeepers Creepers



Hmm, well...I am certainly the largest wimp in America and even I wasn't terribly shaken.

The film started off simply annoying with a brother a sister duo played by Gina Philips and Justin Long, that fought in that contrived way moviemakers continually like to portray brother and sisters; the bicker, banter, cliché joke waltz of siblings.

Story goes, the two are bickering, giggling, near frolicking as they are just driving along in sis' sheet box car and happen to see a large man dump a bloody wrapped bundle, shaped like a human-natch- into a pipe. They stare him down allowing him time to see them seeing him and the chase begins. They speed of and feel confident (mistake one) they've lost him...

He comes flying up behind and starts ramming them till he succeeds in driving them off the road. Then in the first of many unexplained acts by the villain, he drives away. Disappears...

What do you think the two idiots do next? Okay, what's the one thing no breathing, walking human with a thought process above that of a gnat, mind you without so much as a working pay phone do? Yeppo, they head back to the crime scene to investigate. (mistake two)

Hahahahhaha. They kind of lost me there. It had its moments granted the whole premise of the villain is great, but you needed to know more? Why? How? There was no explanation of the villain's motives, or where he came from...cause it's not Earth or at least the top of the Earth...hint.

Yeah, he's some sort of demon, but from where, why, how? They have the semi-Louisiana witch/psychic explain to the still disbelieving brother and sister act, the beast, comes "back" every 23 years and is allowed to eat for 23 days. He rebuilds himself with his victim's organs, and nibbly bits. This could have been terrifying if we knew more about any of the characters.

This fiendish guy was a hodge podge stew of past horror creeps; Freddie Krueger, Creature From The Black Lagoon, Gargoyles, and a pinch of Leprechaun. The press kit calls him "the Creeper" but he didn't creep, he was creepy, but no Leatherface. (mistake three)

The sister, Trish (Gina Philips) was particularity incongruent with her swaying between believing her brother Darry's (Justin Long) tale of whoa, which included him describing some evil tribute to the Sistine Chapel made not with paint, but dead bodies he's witnessed, to her being that oh-so-done argumentative sorority girl character that suddenly disagrees and gets annoyed with the world. Yawn.

This is a good drive in movie, if you have one of those around. It will give couples an excuse to cuddle and have a couple of chills, and if you start to get amorous, you wont really miss anything. I ate like a Hogasnaruas Rex post mating season just to keep from nodding off between scenes with the creeper. Sorry to report, I fear it's just not too frightful folks.

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Snack Recommendation: Tongue sandwich and a diet coke.

Starring: Ginna Philips, Justin long, Patricia Belcher, Eileen brennan and Jonathon Breck.

Directed/written by: Victor Salva


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