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The Big Kahuna

Starring: Danny Devito, Peter Facinelli and Kevin Spacey
Directed by: John Swanbeck
Written by: Roger Rueff
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Too bad Kevin Spacey is this huge star now. Because if he wasn't this movie would have received the accolades it truly deserves. It is not another Buddy Ackerman ( from Swimming W/Sharks- an older Spacey flick) as one half witted critic spewed in some large paper. Did she see either movie was my first thought.

The story is nonchalant. Three guys who work together meet in a rather small room. One, Phil (Danny "Talent? Here's yer talent babee" Devito) is seeing his life in full light and wants something more than the annual "Lubricant Salesman of the Year" award. Another, new to the ways of a true salesman, Bob (Peter "Paully Purebred" Facinelli), would rather have a chit chat about Jesus than bother with an issue of Penthouse or volley about any issues that ultimately build one's character. The third is a whirlwind of a chap Larry Mann. Larry (Kevin "Sharpei" Spacey) seems ready to burst with a Mt. Vesuvius subtlety.

The three have all come to the career-building-deal-making-capital-of-America...Wichita. They are to hoping to bag a big account. Their plan? To throw a manly mixer of cocktails and small talk to snare one Mr. Fuller into a large purchase of lubricant. Thusly, land their Lodestar company a big coo and you get the feeling — from Larry at least —save their jobs at the same time.

Mr. Fuller, so it would seem, didn't make the soirée. Or did he?

That's it. That's the plot. If you like Eugene O'Neill or William Saroyan's style of "a day with the regular folks" this will also amaze you. Not what you'd call a big movie. It's for people who like chatty looks at life. Which I evidently do.

Sure, I adore Spacey but I never fib! If The Big Kahuna bit the big keilbasa or reeked of rotting chow mein in the second fridge drawer, I'd fess up and let the Armani wearing academy sweet heart have it double barrell just like any other, see. TBK is however, one of Spacey's finest jobs to date.

Danny Devito also shines within each frame. Nice to see him do something worthy again. I was all ticked offat that hideous Screwed...he needed redemption. He got it. A big ol' chiliburger with extra fries portion of redemption.

There's also a fresh face among da boyz; Peter Facinelli. He plays Mr. Nondescript - milk-toast Bob Walker. Scarier than any smooth talkin killer I've seen on screen in a long time. What's his crime? Oblivion. One of those holier than thou types who just doesn't get it. That whole when you get right into it 'your precisely what you hate' theme.

The set is gloriously understated. Not for budget consciousness, but because it happens to be precisely attune to the goings on around the principles. Big Kahuna is a stage play made into a movie...successfully.

Please, please see this movie. Don't let the hubbub of Kevin's stardom or the inexplicably incorrect dissections of this film keep you away.

A girly-girl point though....Kev looks like he's starved! Doesn't that chickbabe he's been living with cook? I'll cook for him. Big vats of homemade love stew! Fatten him up real good.

Sans poundage aside Spacey is still one of America's finest living actors.

Snack Recommendation: Shrimp and cheese balls for us and high protein/carb shakes for Mr. Spacey please.



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