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Kate & Leopold

Starring: Meg Ryan, Hugh Jackman, Breckin Meyer and Liev Schreiber
Directed by: James Mangold
Rated: PG-13
Written by: Stephen Rogers



I have two words for you: Hugh Jackman. Really, who cares what the story's about?

Obviously, this is a fluffy film, Meg Ryan (whom I adore) is in it. She's doing what she does best...A hard working- no-time-for-love gal with out a clue of the serendipity she's about to experience. In short she gives all of us ne'er do wells in the love department a glimmer of hope. Even if its Hollywood style hopes with a bit of over the top hype - it's so bad out there- we'll take it. Bonus: Movies are still cheaper than Prozac!

Kate (Meg -" no, no, I don't want his number. I have kind of bad luck in real life. I'm fine on my own; thank you-" Ryan) is too busy to dwell on her personal life. Time is money, etc. Her ex-beau Stuart (Liev- he'll always be Orson Welles to me- Schreiber) is also into time.

So much so that he's created a time machine (go with it please)...

He travels back and accidentally returns with a relative of his, a duke from the 1800s. The duke, Leopold (Hugh Jackman), has a lot to learn about the present. He still reacts to women with respect, class and chivalry so completely lacking in gents today (was that too bitter?).

Leopold is dashing, in the literal sense, and he's as charming as God had originally intended -thusly tempting dear Eve, er, Kate! On top of the timeless oozing charm he's viciously handsome with exponents! Yum-o-rama! What's a girl to do?

Kate and her brother Charlie (Breckin Meyer), become sort of guardians of the time-traveler, and are teaching the lad how to be more "normal" while they figure out how to return him to his time.

The sparks are flying as Kate starts to notice his charms and height! Kate is bitten firmly on the arse by a huge lust filled smitt bug. Long distance relationships have nothing on these two.

You'll get that entire guy from another time has no idea what a TV is stuff and then some humor. Yes, the movie's fantastical, yet completely watchable non-the-less.

Can Leopold and Kate make it work? Think of how you totally bought into Meg's Tour de Force Chick Flick were a child of nine-ish alone on a plane, (without I.D. or an adult liaison) from Seattle to New York found his way to the Empire State building logic or the fact that the guy at the other end of the e-mail she was getting was a successful witty charming business man and not some one eyed half limbed pedophile with a North Dakotaoan lisp -- so what do you think? Ah, romance.

And as with ninety-nine percent of Ms. Ryan's work she, again, plays the all-American girl with a great job and a big beating heart waiting to be discovered. It's her own little nitch and she does it well. Her hair- is as always- a statement of adorable! I like her, so shoot me. If you want high drama look for Judi Dench, if you want fluffanutter and perkypoop go see Meg. I even enjoyed her more serious role in Proof Of Life , or Hanging Up, when others were less than kind. I also still try to get people to see Hurly Burly when they whine about her! I see the talent, damn it. She makes all us felines feel we too could, should, look good in grunge khakis and men's tees- you go girlfriend!

Then the casting agents deserve a big hugh-ge hug for placing this Hugh Jackman in the film. He's such a visual treat one can hardly refrained from a post-orgasmic sigh! Few men exude this much sexual charisma upon a screen. X-Men was a soft porn for those who caught on to the chap early on. Remember how we all suffered through Swordfish for him? Well, we've earned Leopold.

Hugh's one of those hearty heaping helpings of Man Shepherd's Pie; each layer more delectable than the last! And half the fun of seeing a Jackman film is to drink in another layer of man he's prepared for us, the fact he can actually act is a mute point.

Kate & Leopold is exactly what you think; Chickflick Cinema de Pooff. It's another unlikely love story from Meg, the established queen of the happy- frilly -fable girl films. Leave the guys home for this one - be nice. Call the gals have a few COCKtails and dash over to see this dashing Leopold strut about. This film's way out there and there's hardly a grain of realism to be found on a single frame...But every once and a while that foots the bill precisely.

Snack Recommendation: Crumpets and tea (we should get use to these things in case we meet a 1800's guy)

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