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The Klumps-Nutty Professor 2

Starring: Eddie Murphy, and Janet Jackson
Directed by:
Peter Segal

Eddie Murphy is an American treasure. He's just as funny as ever in the new Klump movie. You probably know by now Murphy wears eight tons of make-up and is every Klump- except the gargantuan preteen-in the two Nutty professors. He does another fantastic job. One laugh riot after another that will have you reaching, more than once, for your XFMRS™ ( Extremely Funny Movie Respirator System™). At one point a projectile of popcorn, from my small intestine, rocketed into the pompadour hair do of the young gang member before me. Luckily for me, he was semiconscious due to the lack of oxygen from laughing so hard he didn't even notice! Phew!

Story goes...Two ton sweetie-pie, Professor Sherman Klump (Eddie " Chocolate Delight, Mmm-Mmm Momma" Murphy) has found true love in fellow professor Denise Gaines ( Janet "Ultra-Creepy" Jackson-Doesn't she look like Tim Burton created her for Mars Attacks , thought she is just too scary for younger viewers, then decided to go with the comic book Martians? Maybe it's me...).

Prof. D. loves Shermie for his colossal...mind. As if! I'm not a fat person hater or anything, but considering he's the size of a small Japanese vehicle, I doubt he'd do quite that well in the chick arena. That is unless the girl really was an alien looking for a nesting pod for her three thousand seedlings.

Bliss is not long for our lovable blimp. The serene professor has a deep dark threatening secret lurking deep within his massive helping of DNA. A trim-lusty-narcissistic- trash- talking- jive- daddy busting out of his chubby seams. This is Sherman's Buddy Love (Eddie Murphy) side. Through a series of rude retorts with the local ladies, Sherman is keen to Buddy's attempted take over of his mind.

FYI, in the close of the last Professor, alter ego Buddy was put to rest- in a matter of speaking- within the rotund Sherman. Well, now he's baaacckkk! And trying to take control in a Dr. Jeckleklump/ Mr. Hydelove twist. Sherman tries to out wit Buddy and extract him with a new DNA extractor thigamabobby dohinky gizmo in his college lab. It works and Buddy is reduced to a blue mass marked Abbie Normal (no-just kidding). Buddy's DNA strands are stored in a vile and safely placed on an un-disturb-able shelf. Clearly marked and under lock and key...Mawhahahhau (<-evil laugh). Then through the magic of "motion of plot" , the already far fetched story rears of into the Twilight Zone. Buddy escapes from his test tube prison and, births himself from the puddle of gooby goo on the floor (ala Hell Raiser 1) with the help of strand of canine hair...

Stupid? Sure. Funny? Remarkably! Come on let go and laugh. The characters are worth their weight in comedic gold. The absolute scene stealer is Murphy's interpretation of older than Methusalah, and meaner than a junk yard dog, Grandmother Klump. She's seems almost ad-libbed-hystrical good old nasty talkin' Murphisms. Tee hee. The rest of the funny Klump family's scenes seem almost pale in comparison.Well, there is the giant hampster scene...

Murphy has been taking a critical beating lately. He's too this, he's too that. I tell you what, he's a funny man who is still funny. Sure, we are all immune to the time in make-up, and all around effort it takes one actor to pull off so many roles- so well. Dance, bear, dance. But, if you leave that cynical side of the cranium home and just need a quick llogical, funny, detour from life-The Klumps is your movie!

They've made a very fun official site - enjoy.

Snack recommendation: All You Can Eat Sonny's BBQ.


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