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The Last SamuraiLast Samurai
Starring: Tom Cruise, Ken Watanabe, Billy Connolly, and Masashi Odate
Directed by: Edward Zwick


Wow! The Last Samurai is an epic masterpiece, by far the best film of the year, and an immediate cinematic classic. Tom Cruise reminds us why it is he's a superstar.

The story goes… Capt Nathan Algren (Cruise) is a survivor and hero of the Civil War. Though he doesn't feel much like either. He's supporting himself by entertaining county fair goers with his tales of the savages and wielding a rifle ala Buffalo Bill Cody. He's also half in the bag all the time…alcohol helps blur the memories of his shames committed under order.

Just as he's about to sink beneath the gutter of his self-induced sentence of death by drinking, his old commanding officer, Col. Bagley (Tony Goldwin), invites him to Japan for a high-paying gunware gig.

He is to train Japanese soldiers American style battling - firearms and strategies. He feels he's got nothing to lose - he lost his soul long ago, and killing is killing.

Capt. Algren meets Omura (Masato Harada), the Japanese general in charge of commandeering American military talent on behalf of the Emperor (Shichinosuke Nakamura ). This Omura is really the same as his old style commander the Captain's seen before - a serial killer in the guise of a government regiment.

Capt. Algren is told his mission will be to basically rub out the rebel Samurai…

Anxious to kill this rebel uprise, Omura and Col. Bagley force their farmer soldiers into battle too early and naturally it's a slaughter yard. Capt. Algren survives and is taken prisoner. The Samurai leader Katsumoto (Ken Watanabe) wants to learn about his enemy…

Then the movie gets of the battlefield and into the hearts of men. The growth, or rather regrowth of the Captain's wounded soul, deep friendships, honest love and a word not used too often these days, honor, start to fill the beautiful screen. The film is flawless.

Tom Cruise is sincere. His smirking "howya" grin is replaced by a subtle honest performance. He also roars of manly endorphins. Tom's always been edible - in a toasted cinnamon muffin, smeared with full-fat butterwith a dollop of fresh raspberry jam way - but here? A girl would travel to the remote mountain regions of Asia if that caliber of yum were dwelling there I tell you!

And this Ken Wantanabe is a stoic slice of mansteak with a side of heavily seasoned udon noodles! He says more with a single stare then an entire off-Broadway Stanislavski troupe.

The whole exquisite cast, TimothySpall, Koyuki, Hiroyuki Sanada, Billy Connolly (yes that Billy), Tony Goldwyn, Seizo Fukumoto (I aint makin that up), Shin Koyamada and so forth, simply radiate if truth be told. The film's been touched by the cinema gods of quality.

Bluntly speaking? From director, to actors, back to costumes, cinematography, set production, director of photography, make-up and of course Hans Zimmer's phenomenal soundtrack this film delivers. And if you like battle scenes? These are some of the finest set to film - and none of that oh-so-used Matrix or Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon stufamagal neither…The Last Samurai is the best film of the year for me, and an immediate cinematic classic.

Snack recommendation: Sake

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