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Laws of AttractionLaws of Attraction

Starring: Julianne Moore, Pierce Brosnan, Parker Posey and Michael Sheen
Directed by: Peter Howitt


Bluntly speaking? Laws of Attraction is nothing more than Romantic Comedy 101 curriculum. However, in the cookie-cutter-esque roles of he and she on the way to romance, via comedy, are four very talented people, (Julianne Moore, Parker Posey, Pierce Brosnan and Michael Sheen) that make the film actually enjoyable. And once you've recognised the common variety of spotted Hollywood Comediac Romantisaur before you, you can just let go, relax and watch the fine specimens relate in their confined habitat.

Story goes... Audrey Woods (Julianne Moore) is a successful divorce attorney. She's got it all...well accept a love life - natch. Well that right there is going to change boys and girls!

When a uneventful case brings her face to face with disheveled cutey and super attorney, Daniel Rafferty (Pierce Brosnan) the sparks fly, or should I say flies spare? The two have that immediate gonna-be-in-love-in-a-week distaste for each other as the attempt to re-create Hepburn and Tracy jousts in the court room...

When a rock and roll mega-divorce involving a spoiled designer (Parker Posey ) and a poser punker (Michael Sheen), divides Audrey and Daniel professionally, they find themselves thrown together romantically.

The two end up in Ireland, in a fairytale castle, and in the middle of the world's most romantic Irish festival. Fast then you can say, "Blarney to ye Flanigan," and after a few wee tinkles of the tap, the two find themselves married! (Audio hint: insert a Lucky Charms™ guy voice for affect/effect here please->) Oh, my now howyda be tinkin' that there happen ya floogerts?

We all watch the formula unroll and viola! the plot she arrives with a perfect little pink bow.

Parker Posey, who may be one of the most underrated talents working in film, positively steals her scenes from the ever-glowing Julianne Moore. Parker just takes over with her natural ability to be outrageously funny - standing at the edge of over-the-top - yet be completely conceivable and somehow physically stunning.

And Ms. Julianne, a trumpeted talent, shows you there's no genre she can't tackle. She's an acting chickbabe of rare talent. Her delivery of some expected lines show you why some are stars and some work in Road films...

The men offered for our viewing pleasure come in two completely different yet delectable categories get the manly man matured port in Pierce Brosnan....a fellow that makes you want to add the "age" to Bond...if you know what I mean....and I think that you do. And you get the bad boy rock and roll dreamscape complete with naughty accent in Michael Sheen). Purr.

So, while the film makes no attempt to be remotely original it's still a fun, downright enjoyable, evening at the motion picture theater. It's most definitely a chick-flick and more for the over 25 crowd....enjoy.

Snack recommendation: Irish soda bread and Brioski

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