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Legally Blonde 2; Red, White and Blonde

Reese Witherspoon, Luke Wilson, Sally Field, Bob Newhart and Jennifer Coolidge
Directed by: Charles Herman-Wurmfeld (hahaha)



Legally Blonde 2; Red, White & Blonde is just a silly summer soiree; it's wildly unbelievable yet thoroughly entertaining. Reese Witherspoon is keeping girly girl pink in fashion!

Elle (Reese Witherspoon) is now a full-fledged attorney - blonde style. She's planning her wedding to hunky Emmett (Luke Wilson) and wants to invite her dog Bruiser's mom…go with it.

She immediately discovers Bruiser's mom's life is not filled with beef flavored doggy bon bons in front of a color coordinated wide screen but the worst of the worst is her fate. She's in an animal testing unit for - of all things sacred to Elle - make-up and perfume.

So what's a gal gonna do? She tries to no avail to get her corporate law firm to step in and is promptly given the blunt end of the committee yardstick.

An unstoppable little power ball she decides she must call on her sorority sister that works in Washington on Capitol Hill, Rep. Rudd (Sally Field), to assist her doggie's doomed kinfolk.

Elle's Walter Mitty ways of gosh-golly love for her fellow humans and starry-eyed view of the plight of animal rights is not exactly going over in her new Washington office. But she plods along gathering friends and foes like fashion accessories. Her mission is simple. She has written a new Bill to stop animal testing for cosmetics. Hmm.

Naturally there's big powerful money behind these products and in the products so she learns quickly about, well, politics and cruelty. But Elle's goofy surreal oblivion to the way things truly are in life is fun to watch. The film makes you wish there were people like her still over there in Washington devoid of chubby wallets and filled with earnest cause…

There's tons of adorable minutes in the piece. Though face it, LB2; RW&B is no academy award contender, and it knows it. Frolicking in its silliness it's just plain old likeable. The football loving testosterone snorting male species in your families won't be too keen on rushing out to see Elle "blonde up" Washington since, as with the last one, it's completely for the gals. So what chickbabe's unite, perhaps a visit to the beauty spa, followed by a swell gourmet dinner and then catch the film? Enjoy.

Snack recommendation: Pink-frosting cupcakes with poodle shaped sprinkles

Blunt Aside
: "Bruiser's Bill" sadly is not real but perhaps this film will spark a reaction and a realization this senseless testing does go on.


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