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Let's Rock Again Dick Rude's Ode to Joe StrummerLet's Rock Again

Starring: Joe Strummer, Tymon Dogg, Simon Stafford, Martin Slattery, Luke Fuller, Scott Shields
Directed by: Dick Rude

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"Go buy something weird today. Don't go and buy something that's been shoved at you! We've got to go back to searching out." - Joe Strummer

Bluntly speaking? Let's Rock Again is a documentary worth traveling - by land or sea - to get to. It's an intimate look at musical icon Joe Strummer and the band The Mescaleros - but it's more than that. It's a visual document that shows why it is Joe Strummer left such an indelible impression upon so many.

Director, filmmaker, and Joe buddy, Dick Rude has managed to capture what Joe was all about - the music and a screamin' original soul. Through a hodge podge of backstage touring going ons, and his new band, The Mescaleros' performances, you get the feeling Joe Strummer had firmly moved on from his days-of-fame with The Clash. But still he is aware of the importance of that time. After an "eleven year lay-off" he was back and rockin'.

Rude and his camera follow Joe and band mates Tymon Dogg, Simon Stafford, Martin Slattery, Luke Fuller, and Scott Shields through a whirlwind tour promoting their Global A Go-Go cd.

Joe's looking for a new audience and hoping to share with his old audience. It's not easy, but Strummer's never been a quitter or put off by what-was. He avoids the treacle...and the new Strummer's a self-promoter. He visits record stores, hands out club flyers on the streets, listens to bygone tales from fans, all in an attempt to get people tuned in to the "new" music. Through it all Joe's always smiling and legitimately "there" with them.

Joe StrummerThis is a resurrection tour of sorts for Joe; an attempt to again step from his once rock-star tagged life. He just wants to work. At one point Joe's on the phone trying to get in to a local radio station to plug a Mescalero show that eve. Getting nowhere with the door-phone jockey he finally says, "I use to be in the The Clash..." as an attempt to gain entrance. That works. And those in the know will feel the bittersweet sting of Strummer's obvious past shadow ever present. But don't get all meloncholy. He was doing what he was made to do, play music. The band's tight and the songs radiate. And Joe, ever humble and genuinely unaware of just how important a musical entity he was, trying to stay away from becoming "too highfalutin'," actually says of his band's lyrics, "We're on the level of cross-word puzzle writers." That's Joe. And Dick Rude's got it all on film! It's a remarkble bit of great.

And Rude's clever editing is perfect. His passion for Strummer is evident and through rare and incredible-access footage he shares quite an experience of this icon, as well as the man, Joe Strummer…and of course his music. Enjoy.

BluntAside: This is an emotionally packed ode and may really shake you if you're into Joe - be warned.

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