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Starring two of America's hottest looking teen-like -twenty-something-actors with large 401k funds, Mena Suvari and Jason Biggs. Can't you see a big Hollywood producer screaming over the fat free Cafe Latte on his Tommy Hilfiger cell phone..."Get me those American kids (American Beauty and American Pie)...The little waif that drove that Spacey's character so nuts? Yeah, her, Suzuki something. And that big nosed fellow my kid's are so into... Jason Priestley, maybe Bigelo? The Pepperidge Farm Pie molesting hornball in American Pie-find him!"

And so our semi-innocent strike- while- the- iron's hot actors put their trust in the furry creatures behind the scenes. Big Mistake.

Loser, is a cutesy attempt to cash in- quickly- on the success of the two American favorites, nothing more. Even the name is a catch phrase soon to be as passé as "groovy" or the ever more mind grating "all righty then." Show of hands, how many thank God that vexing verbal phenomenon passed?

Loser's story goes...Paul (Jason' I really have to find a new agent-if this is they crap I'm heading full face into" Biggs) is a loser. He's never quite fit in with the hipper than thou folks. Of course his country bumpkin style and clumsy mannerisms don't help ( he's missing only masking taped Buddy Holly frames an audio visual cart and a pen holder- if you get my drift). When he gets to college it's obvious, he is still a dweeb squared. Really, the movie could have been New Kid at Middle Class High, but remember Road Trip was set in college -grossing lord knows what. F-O-R-M-U-L-A, people formula. That and movies with drunk college kids puking are ten times funnier, no?

Paul quickly meets goofy Dora Diamond
(Mena "Better in Blonde" Survari). She and Paul are awkward friends right away and what's this? She is starting to fall for him. Cheese, didn't see that coming.

Enter tons of summer teen movie filler-a house party, lots of sex talk and a plethora of young men and women for the young viewers to get smitten over- as you head to the oh, so shocking conclusion. I know this movie wasn't made for anyone over twenty-five, I just wish this MP3 generation would demand a little higher caliber actor and script.

Greg Kinnear- the only semi-stud in whole film- was once again wasted. Somebody needs to give this man a role.

Director/writer Amy Heckerling usually strikes home with her successful Clueless, and all the way back to Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Sorry , Loser just wasn't as enjoyable. With all the other summer choices- wait till video for this one.

Snack Recommendation: Beer and Slim Jims

Starring: Jason Biggs, Greg Kinnear , Mena Suvari, Dan Akroyd, Thomas Sadowski and Jimmi Simpson

Directed by: Amy Heckerling
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