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Lost Souls

Lost Souls is a lost cause. You may have heard the buzz about this movie taking over two years to get released? Yeah. That's because it sucks the big rotten kielbasa from last month's Sunday Brunch -so bad, all involved were probably desperate to keep it shelved.

Look,Wynona Ryder usually sucks. Even if Girl Interrupted , and Edward Sissorhands and even Beetlejuice, were excellent, please recall her destruction of dialog from any of the Dracula scenes. The others were simply too good to let one weak link ruin them. She's like the female Keanu Reeves with less sexual appeal and a whole bucket less of talent. Wynona is back with a vengeance is this lame-o-rama horror story 101 piece of crap.

Lost Souls story goes...the devil has snuck into the body of some guy. The guy is clueless-naturlich !! Only Maya ( Wynona " Who am I blowing to get work? None of your business" Ryder) knows the evil truth. She must convince him he is Satan before his birthday.If she fails, all hell breaks lose- literally.

Granted some scenes were clever, cinematography and stuff, but LS just
wasn't fresh , different or well done as a whole.

Not since End of Days with that pathetic, Catskill's Henny Youngman voiced devil by Gabriel " I should have been Keysor Sozer-it would all be mine know!" Byrne, have I disliked a horror film so badly. Arrrggghh. I Pig-a-snarous Rexed on four packs of those utility sized junior mints and a garbage pail serving of popcorn in an attempt to stay awake! I scare very easy- let's just say, the house down the street's garage Halloween Haunted House is scarier!

I still want to know why John hurt is in this. WHY? Body Heat was so long ago...

Skip this and head to see another flick- even if it's a repeat, you'll have a better time.

Snack recommendation: Dinner out- skip the movies!

Starring: Wynona Ryder, John Hurt and Ben Chaplin.

Directed by: Janusz Kaminski

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