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A Lot Like LoveA Lot Like Love

Starring Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet
Directed by: Nigel Cole




Bluntly speaking? A Lot Like Love is a lot like watching home videos at an acquaintances house; it's an okay way to spend an evening…but there are so very many better ways to idle away one's valuable time. There's nadda in the chemistry department between Amanda Peet and Ashton Kutcher. And each seems to kind of smirk their way through these cookie-cutter mundane hip-girl, mellow-guy characters.

Story goes…it's seven years ago as we meet Oliver (Ashton Kutcher) who is off to New York to visit his brother. En route he spots a punk chick fighting with her rock-star-wanna-be beau in front of the terminal.

Instead of looking upon the soda wielding screamer as a nutter, he's taken a fancy.

She, Emily (Amanda Peet), also notices him as he's blatantly staring at her in the waiting lounge. Once aboard their aircraft, Oliver, having spilled soda all over himself, heads to the loo. Emily follows. And another couple is introduced into the "Mile High Club."

This, however is not the beginning of their affair as upon arrival Emily begs Oliver to take a hike, she's really not into him. Yeah I know - it's an awkward beginning - but I am betting a fantasy-come-true for all the little Kutcher fans that are the target audience…

The two serendipitously meet up again in town, leading to a nice couple of hours bonding over booze shots and touristo photos. In a drunken stupor, Oliver assures Emily in six years he will be a financial and emotional success - and to prove it, he gives her his parent's telephone and tells her to call to check in - in six years to verify his fortune telling abilities.

However, the two end up casually meeting again and again, a few years between each time. And, naturally, each time the two engage in rabid Rhesus monkey sex, while learning a bit more about each other. But, alas, they live in different cities and their pesky lives keep getting in the way.

Meanwhile, due to plot and a heavy borrowing from When Harry Met Sally, the two meant-to-bes spend years in and out of the wrong relationships until one year…

Surprisingly, Amanda Peet steals the film. She's genuinely got a nice comic timing. Think early Sandra Bullock. Amanda may be positioned to shortly wield a Bruckheimer mega-budget man-fest, or perhaps a Nora Ephron film of her own.

Ashton Kutcher fans are sure to be in manlyberry studmuffin heaven - there's even a moonlit ass shot folks! However, Kutcher is just the vehicle here, there's no substance and his boyish, aw-shucks, charms grow thin - fast.

Basically, it's a long, rather dull, tale with rare laughter, plodding along a lot like an over weight sherpa in the Himalayas might; frequent stopping, regret of the time-consuming undertaking, all while ebbing towards its expected zenith. If you're into Kutcher? I suppose you'll have to go. For the rest of us who are not? There's really no need.

Snack recommendation: Chinese take-a-way and a rental from Netflix.


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