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Mission to Mars is an intensely spacey movie. For every one of us who use to try and deal with God "if I could just go to the moon, I don't care if a ever come back." M2M is for you. Brian DePalma lended his direction to an intelligent script and the outcome is one helluva movie. M2M feels realistic. Our chance to get a peek at the first mission to Mars!

The six month mission of the Mars 1 goes off without much fanfare. Smooth sailing. That is until Capt. Luc Goddard (Don Cheady) beams a radar probe into an "'ice" formation peaking out the top of a mountain side. Whoops there goes the barometric pressure...what's this? Now there's a huge tornado like funnels of rock and lava are spiraling around the crew... Damn. They're all gonna die. " um Houston, we %$#@!* up."

I love space movies. Mission to Mars is a space movie. A smart space movie. If your not into the flashing gismos and gadgets, beep and boing sounds on a space craft this may be dull to you. No big he-man murders , no porn music and gratuitous sex scenes, just actors guiding you through an attempt to explain the origins of the universe.

Don't worry, you will get an alien. A gentle alien who, to be quite blunt, is a tad of a let down with all the technical advances in effects we have. But alien faux pas aside you should like this. If you hate space movies, then you'll hate this. I don't want to hear any whining! I have warned you.

Gary Sinise (The wheelchair guy from Forrest Gump) who plays a Mar 2 Commander Jim McConnell, just isn't in enough things for my liking. Two of my friends bailed on seeing this, they are frightened of him, "he looks like he's gonna morph into a "lizard man" or something." Blah Sure he's a bit sinister, get it Sinise-sinister. Nevermind..

Tim Robbins, as Woody Blake is as tall and lickable as ever. Do-able times infinity squared! God, is he six two six three of pure 100% Grade A man chuck or what?

Also, the never aging pretty boy from Joe's Apartment and Sliders, Jerry OConnell plays Phil Ohlmyer a computer wiz and ultimate team player.I think Jer actually looks younger in this than Joe's...hmm.

M2M has a pretty interesting website with a space flight simulator and stuff. Check it out at your leisure. Click a roo for...The official M2M site.

Snack Recommendation: M&Ms and Dr. Pepper.

Starring: Gary Sinise, Tim Robbins, Jerry O'Donnell Connie Nielsen and Don Cheadle.

Directed By: Brian De Palma


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