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The Matrix was great. Admittedly, I found myself making sure the exit signs were a glow for a hasty retreat. After all, Keanu Reeves is valedictorian of the Nicholas Cage School of Acting (i.e. one expression, is all expressions) was the star, and if this was gonna be another dud movie--I love ya Keanu and I might stay a little longer than usual, due to the chiseled face and the body of blessed hunkdom, but eventually I'd be exit stage left--know what I mean?

However the Wachowski Bros., authors of this cyberspace sensation, quickly directed my interest with an eye-opening Kung Fu scene and some dancing on the walls by superwoman Trinity (Carrie Anne Moss) It started getting gooood...

The story goes, computers/machines have taken over the world. We are their energy. They store us in these slimy pods and feed us our "realities" via computer chips fed into our system through Hellraiser style tubes and wires. People are actually "harvested" like huge macabre fields of human corn. Real neat story--kinda hard to follow if you don't use that illogical side of the brain a lot. (No prob for me!) This is like Ray Bradbury visits Stephen King when they're both a little moody. The special effects abound keeping you riveted to the flick, of course I still threw on the feedbag o'popcorn. 

Morpheus (Laurence-the-handbone's-connected-to-the Fishbone) is convinced mankind can be saved from this awful existence by only one man, one lucky S.O.B  "the chosen one". Enter Neo (Keanu "Hard Drive Hotbot" Reeves). Neo a hacker, with an addiction to his home computer is doubtful in his newly bestowed title as savior-in-training.

  The Kung Fu choreographed by world renowned Hong Kongian, Yuen Wo Ping (don't make fun of this guy's name-he'll gut ya with his big toe) made Bruce Lee look like an aerobics instructor with bunions! Some people will whine about the special effects ruining the beauty of the art--Get a life, it's the 21st century baby. Special effects simply enhanced the energy and gave us a slo-mo peak at this incredible sport. Not to mention Keanu's body! Do the words "carved in marble" mean anything to ya? One scene where he was being pulled up on a rope, naked, was enough to make me stop stuffing my face for two seconds. (And that's sayin' something! I can look like I'm making keys.)

I have to mention the soundtrack! You'll want to pick this puppy up. Great mix of high energy kick a** tunes by Marilyn Manson (I actually used to work with him at a magazine when he was Brian Warner), Propellerheads, Deftones, Rammstein and Minstry (remember them from the 80's?).

Go see this and soon. It's Sci-Fi so please don't expect logic OK.

Snack recommendation: Hydrolized, dehydrated animal protein all with all the essential minerals and vitamins.

Cast: Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie Anne Mossack




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