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Matrix Reloaded
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Starring: Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Lawrence Fishburne, Jada Pinkett Smith and Hugo Weaving.
Directed /written by: Andy & Larry Wachowski



The Matrix mega-watted sequel, Matrix Reloaded should've been called, The Matrix Overloaded!

We've all waited for what seems like eons to see Neo's sexy skirmishes and Trinity's hard core combats rip up the screen in their smooth singular styles…and MR opens with a triumphant eye-popping action sequence that'll get you salivating in anticipation for what's about to come bulleting towards you. But alas, your spit will be for not.

Story goes…Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) are back in Zion - the dwelling within the Earth of escaped Matrix humans. Many Zionites welcome Neo as "The One" and he is held up as a deity. All he wants to do is get-down-get-funky with Trinity.

Morpheus (Lawrence Fishburne) is having a hard time convincing the counsel (etc.) that not only is Neo "The One" but only he can save the struggling inner-world from the machines that are presently digging down towards them.

Neo must lead a crew to The Keymaker (Randall Duk Kim) to discover a rogue program's where abouts that will ultimately free the humans from the dreaded Matrix once and for all…if he doesn't succeed? It's totally inhalation for Zion and the machines will have complete domination again.

Well, it goes something like that. I left my Cliff notes at home that evening…you've got to see it - I know. But be prepared for messy CGI - in one particularly cool scene where about 300 Mr. Smiths (Hugo Weaving) are frolicking about beating up Neo the animators missed a ten second slow-mo jump that frankly looked like David and Goliath claymation! Dear god what an inexcusable faux pas. Then there's the stunt man shot of Carrie-Anne Moss in the infamous highway battle scene. This scene deserves every ounce of hoopla it is getting! But again, 52 million dollars and they cut to a stunt double of Carrie in a wig that is obviously shorter atop a body about three sizes smaller! ARGH! There's also this wildly different styled Ewok-like fifteen minute drum circle/orgy festival the canvas smock clad people of Zion partake in that had me checking for the welcomed glow of the neon exit signs!

And if all that doesn't bite the rotten kielbasa found in the fridge's third drawer weeks after purchase- the dialog is campy and more like a paper-thin script of Star Trek then a Hollywood multimillion-dollar extravaganza! Shame on them. Oh, and fear not Matrixians, you'll get plenty of "Matrix" action shots though! Of course by now that once oh-so-cool look is ssssooo over done that even within its source it seems a tad MadTV-ish.

Keanu Reeves manages to be in a two and a half hour movie and speak about five words - perhaps that's a good thing? Silent mysterious men wearing black on black with black and a smirk are tré sexy….no?

The cast members are simply reprising their roles, precisely, and some additions (Jada Pinkett Smith, Lambert Wilson and adorable Harold Perrineau Jr.) are thrown into the pot to germinate for the next and final film. The creepiest being the albino ghoul twin team (Adrian and Neil Rayment) that are hunting Neo and crew…

Bluntly Speaking: You've got to see it for the the delightfully extravagant action scenes, a dynamic ass-kicking soundtrack (again) and of course the sexy duo of Neo and Trinity. But the magic of The Matrix is nowhere to be found, this felt ultimately like a long theme park ride - sorry.

Snack Recommendation:
A huge bucket of "butter-like" topped popcorn to chomp on in the silly parts...


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