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Mickey Dem Blue Eyes...

Michael Felgate (Hugh 'McCartney-esque' Grant) is a autioner at a Sotheby's wanna be art auction house. He falls for a beautiful puffy lipped Italian named Gina (Jeanne 'triple-double-dare you' Tripplehorn). Gina comes from the world of large sausage dinners and cadavers in cement, see. Gina's dad Frank (James 'what you lookin' at' Caan) Asks a little premarital favor of Michael involving some, ah, laundry and here we go...bad art and Mafioso cliches abound.

There were a few hearty laughs-usually thanks to Grants excellent delivery of the script. They have the retarded, oops sorry, special brother from 'Rocky' (Burt Young) in here as Vito the big cheese of the whole cheese case, that was fun.

Hugh Grant was fabulous in Notting Hill. I guess he figures he's working. I mean his ultra gorgeous girlfriend and empire CEO Elizabeth Hurley, puts up with so much from the little cutie. Supporting him would probably be the last straw. If she has a last straw. God she's a tolerant gal. I'd have sautéed his nary ass years ago.

Here he is...well...the same character in a lesser story. It had it's moments, but people. The recipe is so over done. Mr. Young-n-Dashing somebody meets daughter of a Mafia family, of course mix until Mr. Young-n-Dashing gets thrown into the family unwillingly, let rise till he must rescue the maiden and quickly prevail. Mix this thin dough with a heavy pinch of standard Italian stereotypes to fill the time, roll it out with some cute actors, place in Hollywood movie oven and presto a nice generic pizza movie for families to enjoy. Fun, and quaint. Wait and rent it.

Snack recommendation: Steak rawre

Starring: Hugh Grant, Jeanne Tripplehorn, James Caan, Scott Thomson,James Fox, Burt Young and the entire extras cast from The Sopranos.

Produced by ELIZABETH HURLEY and Charles Mulvehill



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