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Men In Black 2

Starring: Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith, Rosario Dawson, Laura Flynn Boyel, Rip Torn, Tony Shalhoub and Frank.
Directed By: Barry Sonnenfeld
Rated: PG-13



MIB2 is a hilarious cosmic experience of meteoric proportions! The boyz are back and funnier than ever. Sure it's all about the special effects but what's cooler for a hot summer day? Nothing.

Will Smith all suited up and grinning with the fancy guns…um yum…I'm there. Willie's scrumptious and talented the way the gods intended. He's also one of those rare super talents that glides from entertainer role to entertainer role. He started as this little rapper and on to TV then on to film. Bravo.

Tommy Lee Jones is one of the world's manliest men. He's another listed in the Compton's encyclopedia under species of MAN along with DeNiro, Vaughn, Harrison, Costner and Quaid (Dennis). M'hmm, tough and tumble put together with those pure man heroin features a girl could give up the big city for. Heck, I'd learn Polo and rustle cattle for this studmuffin extravaganza.

MIB2's story goes....Serleena (Laura Flynn Boyle) the evil gob of snakee bits from outer space wants "the light." Seems it's on the third planet from the sun. A place she never thought to look. She arrives and the mayhem begins. She takes over MIB headquarters and unleashes some intergalactic bad guys to hunt down Agent K.

Agent K (Tommy Lee Humminanahumminina Jones) , the only man who can tell the evil alien "the light's" where abouts is MIA. MIB had his neutralized and left a common unknowing man in the post of postmaster general. K is up in rural Massachusetts chillin' and ordering around the employees like, well, like an ex-top secret government agent man.

Agent J (Will - adorable -Smith) is sent in to get K and bring him back to regain his former position (deneuralize him) and save the world from complete destruction. ( <- insert dramatic dun-dun-dun music here please).

Oh, they have about 24 hours—natch.

What do you expect it's Sci-fi FX's and clever one-liners here, not Requiem For A Dream. But the combined hilarity of the aliens and the charisma of Tommy Lee and Will makes this an intergalactic hootenanny of Neptunian proportions!

That and the talking Pug dog, Frank. Frank's a scene-stealer and delivers some sidesplitting guffaws. Dog lovers will be giddy with his larger role in MIB2. All the aliens, new and returning are again in-depth and extremely detailed. Oddly believable.

Tony Shalhoub (aboobabdoobiedoo) is back as Jeebs the man with the reanimating head. Tony's a tremendous talent that can glide between comic and dramatic roles. He's kind of sweet on the retina under all his Jeebs make up too.

Rosario Dawson, a staple in independent talkie types-o- films, plays the witness Laura Agent J and Agent K must ultimately protect. She's simply gorgeous and captures her scenes; with Lee and Smith in the frame, that's quite an accomplishment.

Laura Flynn Boyle oozes as the evil Serleena hell bent on destroying all planets in her path.

Sequels don't often deliver; I think the MIB audience is going to love this. The story is so-so but the cast and the aliens entertain solid. Be on the look out for the "Ballchinians."
Grab the family through them in the shuttle wagon and get out to see this. Enjoy!

Snack Recommendation: Empire Diner Pie and Joe's Pizza

Blunt Aside: There's a short being played before the film, The Chubb Chubbs, that may itself become a classic. It is adorable.

MIB2 Official Site


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