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Moby 18

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Moby once again worked his charms on me big time with his new hit, "We are all Made of Stars!" I just had to pick up the new album, 18, and review it for y'all.

Gosh, I am so glad I did since this is an awesome album! 18 is a good title, because there are 18 songs on here that seem to blend together with a common theme of dreamy! 18 is ambient poetry that may force you to think deeply.

"We are all Stars," if you haven't heard it yet, Moby's soothing voice on this one just makes you close your eyes and want to melt into the atmosphere. It also makes you want to give your friends a big hug. In fact lots of the delightful songs on the album make me want to do both these things!

18 is ultimately deep with the lyrics, supplies soothing electronic bits, relays trance sounds that are good to relax to or do your homework or cuddle up with someone and have deep conversations with.

The CD is packed with so many beautiful soothing songs..but don't be surprised if you suddenly feel you want to put on your dancing shoes and hit the club scene because a few of the songs got the electronic beats that make you want to move your feet, too.

Like his other albums, Moby's voice isn't the only voice that comes into play. Sure, Moby does seem to be heard more on this album then his others. 18 has a few of songs featuring women with a gospel sound to them that only makes the songs more powerful. The songs "Fireworks," and "18," are both simply instrumental with a piano that plays along with the comforting ambient sounds.

It may not be politically correct to announce your faith in God, but Moby does it in such a wonderful way (with class and style of his own) that you just can't help to love this album what ever our personal beliefs. More then a few of the songs are spiritual and hit the spot when listening to them. Like the song, "In My Heart" is really touching.

After listening to this album, you will find that Moby is a very deep person; full of some very strong emotions. The album sleeve even reminds you how emotional he is with him smiling on the front and looking morose on the back. It also shows how we all have two sides and that's okay. This is a good album for someone who is sensitive, I'm thinking, since the songs really do go to all levels of emotions.

The whole 18 album is full of exquisite rapturous tunes and really pull those strings of your heart. You got to check it out. So pick up the album, and vist Moby's world. He has a journal here also that he writes in almost everyday and a very cool message board to check out too. You'll love it!


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