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Monsters, Inc.
(for a kid's movie, 2 1/2 for adults only)

Starring: Billy Crystal, John Goodman, James Coburn, Jennifer Tilly, Bonnie Hunt, Mary Gibbs and Steve Buscemi.
Directed by: Peter Docter & David Silverman
Rated: G (monsterphobes be warned though)

"Oh dear" I thought, "another movie to feed my toy collecting addiction. Last year's Grinch practically bankrupted me." And yes the monsters in Monsters, Inc. are simply adorable! I suppose at least I'll have to get the Mike Wazowski (the one eyed fellow in Grinch green) doll, he's just so cute.

The idea of MI ( very much like a long defunct brilliantly done Saturday morning show called Bump in the Night) sports the theory that monsters live in our rooms under our bed, or in our closets because it's literally their duty, their day job, to scare us.

In Monsters, Inc. their world, Monsteroplis, has an energy crisis that requires a constant influx of scream energy harvested, more captured, from human children to stay in check.

Monsters, Inc. is the name of Monsteroplis' biggest supplier of scare energy. M.I.'s top producer is a lovable lug, and big blue hairy monster named Sullivan (voice of big lug John Goodman)

"Sully" is at the top of his profession scaring the wits and inducing pee-pee in the over night diapers of toddlers across the globe and is a superstar among "monster from the closet" types. There's a whole army, or rather factory, of monsters who go out into humanland via closet doors and spend their working day scaring youngin'. He's a real company guy, proud of his work.

Sully's assistant, Mike Wazowski (Billy "could I sound more Yiddish in this" Crystal) is a company man too. He's enjoying their teamwork success. Mike's also a loyal friend and his loyalties are about to be put to the test when Sully has accidentally released a human child back into Monsteropolis. Madness and mayhem abound (the puns fly and are often hilarious). The monsters believe human children to be poisonous germ infested cretins. So they are mostly right...Just kidding, jeese.

It could mean Sully and Mike's jobs and the ruin of Monsters, Inc. if the pair can't get little "Boo," the child causing all the panic ala Anthrax style, back before she's discovered being harbored by them!

Oops, a jealous monster from work named Randall (Steve "November's my month sweetheart, yep, theater one I've got Monsters, Inc. and in theater 2, Domestic Disturbance" Buscemi) is in the know, he's taking matters into his own hands- all eight of them and this slimy creeping centipede-like fellow is up to no good; no siree Bob!

The stories cute enough, and the caracters amicable, but Monsters, Inc. lacks the whole family appeal the other Pixar creations have managed; there's hardly any innuendo to be heard, and the characters have no cynicism. It's a real fairy tale - less any fairies. The kids in the audience roared and squealed, so this time, it's all about them!

We adults kept waiting for the little sparkles of wit dispersed throughout the film to keep our spirits high. We sat like children waiting, patiently, for someone as jolly-good fun as Heimlich or as gosh-darn sweet as Woody. Nadda. It's not bad at all, just not a Bug's Life or Toy Story; perhaps, my expectations were too high. However, Pixar has once again outdone themselves, with the quality of the animation they're presenting. In one scene Sully's fur bellows in the wind and for those who know and/or love animation, the image is so spectacular, it may bring tears of state-of-the-art joy to your awe struck faces.

Snack Recomendation: Snack bar goodies galore to get the kids' all happied up so they can have a little extra gigglefest...


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