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Dear readers, have you ever had that experience where you pulled out some old tunes you use to listen to let's say 10 or 20 years ago, put them on and went "Oh My God, I use to like that!"

Well, Don't worry, that won't happen here. The Motels have released a compilation of their songs, Anthologyland, and all I can say is, I still like them! And it's nice to have Martha Davis back!

I put on the 2 CD set and was whisked back to the frenzy of the 80's —I still can't believe it's been that long since I've heard some of these great songs— God knows the mirror doesn't show it.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the work sounds as fresh and new as the first time I heard the Motels and and could go up against anything on the radio today.

Anthologyland is a 2 CD set of old favorites, never heard gems and one new song. The never before available "Only the Lonely" grace this CD set and what memories came rushing back. Yes, of a guy...I believe his name was Joseph and I am sure he is still smiling today.

As you peruse further on you get "Suddenly Last Summer". Martha's are vocals were so strong and, I believe, under-appreciated at the time. Though the band members kept shifting during The Motels lifespan, the heart and soul, Martha remained.

The original version of "Take My Breath Away" is included. Admittedly, I always liked that song as done by Berlin, but I always thought something was missing. It was the grittiness and power brought to it by Martha.

Then, just as I thought there'd be no more surprises, there nestled in the set is a wonderful Demo of Martha Davis singing "Crazy" by Willie Nelson. I just know that Patsi Cline would love this version! Don't you just love it when you can discover special moments like these that make you hit the repeat button over and over again?

I can't recommend Anthologyland enough.

If you like The Motels you will be in heaven. If you never heard them your in for a real musical treat. Check out the official website, and then head out and pick up a copy for yourself . As always going for a ride with The Motels is an audio delight!

Belinda signing off and heading down Route 66 with Martha Davis and The Motels again!


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