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Mr and Mrs SmithMr. and Mrs. Smith

Starring Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Vince Vaughn
Direct by: Doug Liman



Bluntly speaking? Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a bit slow-starting, and there are no plot surprises within an inch of its summer-blockbustery scenrio, but let's face it sitting in a dark theater watching two extremely beautiful folks like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for a coupla hours, just aint a bad deal. And, the film gets action packed pretty fast as Laura Croft and a Bourne Identity-like studmuffin meld into a visual, often entertaining, surprisingly fun winner!

Story goes…a young beautiful couple (Jolie & Pitt) meet in a Latin American country under, shall we say, odd circumstances…they fall in love and marry.

After about five years of the doldrums suburban lifestyle they've created, the two start to become acutely aware that each may not be exactly who they pretend to be.

But secret agents like secrets - and the two are still trying to keep their secret from each other. That is until they accidentally screw up one another's latest high profile "job."

When they discover just who the "enemy" is things are gonna get tough - and that's when the film really gets fun.

Brad Pitt, aka The da Vinci Body'd Babeasnarus Rex, is as gorgeous as ever, and hopefully by now you know beneath the brawn is an actual talent. Here Brad is both funny and exciting as this smirk-styled secret agent. Though, enough with the fluff pieces Pitt! Do another Fight Club already wouldya?

Once again, Angelina Jolie makes acrobatic maneuvers, in fetish wear, look easy. The woman is positively stunning and this chickbabe also has impeccable comic timing beneath the babe deal.

Mansteak extraordinaire, Vince Vaughn shows as a coworker of Mr. Smith's. And Vinnie alone is worth the bucks to see this canvas of beautiful stars. He's become, with his clever quips and winking deliveries, our generations' Christopher Walkin. You just light up when the tall drink of water appears upon the screen…purr. He single handedly made Be Cool bearable a few months back…

Bottom line? Mr. And Mrs. Smith is great action-movie wafer-thin plotted fun! It's no Academy piece - but it'll give you some laughs, and giggles, while watching things go boom and bullets fly about. And let's not pick on the fact that neither Ms. Jolie nor Mr. Pitt could walk into any crevice of the world - unnoticed - as is a perquisite for a properly placed ambiguous agent (Mr. Bond firmly aside...). Enjoy.

Snack recommendation: Green Beens, pot roast and a nice Shiraz…



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