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New Best Friend

Starring: Taye Diggs, Mia Kirshner, Meredith Monroe, Dominique Swain, Oliver Hudson
Rachel True, Joanna Canton and Scott Bairstow
Directed by:Zoe Clark Williams

New Best Friend looks like a grainy student film written by a student about students, but with a pro-cast. The director, Zoe Clarke Williams takes some liberties with fancy schmancy camera filters that unfortunately reduce some scenes to looking like cheaply edited "mind trips." But on the other hand she did cast her characters well. Bravo for taking those chances and exploring the mediums artistical side, I do respect that, and maybe next time it will work.

The list of young gorgeous actor talent delivers wonderfully with what they are given. Sadly, if the story had have been a little more congruent in delivery, a little less discombobulated, we would have had a hit on our hands.

Story goes mousy booky "A" student Alicia (Mia Kirschner) has had a drug overdose and lay in a coma…The nerdy sheriff (Taye Diggs) is interviewing her "friends" at college to find out if this is more than a simple case of party gal gone dead. Each friend shows a slightly different side of Alicia; twisted tales of the girl that is fighting to save her life.

The story flashes back to each scene as the narrator begins the tale…
First we meet friend Hadley (Meredith "Grace Kelly-esque" Monroe ex-Dawson Creek chick). Alicia had been assigned a partner for a paper that will, basically, decide the grade for the graduating year…

Her new assignment partner is Hadley the rich "it" girl on campus. Hadley and her posse take Alicia under their wings and corrupt her, as any self respecting school druggie party scene queen would do.

Alicia doesn't stand a chance… The ex-Bookworm is drunk literally and metaphorically, with suddenly slinking around with the hipster's crowd. In a nano-second she's half naked in designer wears- like them, snorts substances without regard for quality or quantity- like them and even decides to sleep with some of them---male and female. While innocent devil Alicia seems especially smitten with Trevor (Scott -scrumptious mansteak in the making-Bairstow), Hadley's boink boy she also decides a good roll with Sydney (Dominique - blunt chickbabe extraordinaire and super talent-Swain) the resident bisexual would be a hoot!

Hadley seethes as Alicia worms her way, all innocent eyed, into every aspect of her life…even into the boyfriend waters. Sydney seethes as her new clamdigging gal pal moves on to play an adult version of Jane and Dick. The NC-17 version See Jane Get Funky With Dick…

The other sorority gals and friends around Alicia each explain who they feel the real Alicia is. The sheriff has to decipher who's telling the truth, and who, if anyone is to blame for her overdose? Did Alicia simply accidentally overdose, or is it a sinister sisterhood behind the semi-dead gal's dilemma?

The story wields through confusingly and often ricochets so unevenly you're downright confused as to what's up and who's where…But, if you know the cast, you may want to see the film just to see them giving some great performances. The director, Clark-Williams is heading towards getting it right, she definitely got her stars to shine, and perhaps it's a miscommunication between her lens' vision and her brain's that left the film "jumpy?

Snack recommendation: Evian and a protein bar


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