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Jimmy Neutron
(for kids4-11)
Starring: The voices of, Martin Short, Patrick Stewart and Debi Derryberry
Directed by: John A. Davis
Rated: G


Your thinking Jimmy Neutron is a carbon based copy of ultra hip Dexter's Laboratory aren't you? Well yes and no. Jimmy's got a Jetson's meets the locals feel and like his obvious competition in the boy-genius cartoon arena his parents are silly stereotypes of what one pictures an American Graffiti family unit might act like, and his laboratory is hidden beneath the family's naive noses in the catacombs of suburbia. But, he's just so cute you'll let that go after about ten minutes! The Neutron kids are each a little ball of stereotyped personality that we adults will recognize and have a hearty guffaw with.

As with Dexter, Jimmy Neutron's also a boy genius.

He's got his "crew" of misfits and his coolest-ever-swanky computerized nut-n-bolt dog, Goddard. He lives in the oh-so-hohum town of Retroville and, like every kid, has issues with his parents.

Jimmy's life altering dilemma? He wants more than anything to go to Retroland Amusement Park for its mega-fun-o-rama grand opening. All the kids are going...They say no and he sneaks out. Being bad makes Jimmy feel good, until he wishes upon a star that his parents would go away...They do- literally. They are nice enough to at least leave behind a quicky little generic note about some long desired trip to Florida. In fact every kid in Retroville gets the very same note. That's odd.

You don't have to be a genius, or over ten years of age, to figure something's up. Turns out Jimmy's intergalactic telephone system (made from a toaster and some household leftovers), he launched a couple of weeks before, to seek out life forms has attracted these evil aliens known as "Yolkians" from beyond the Milky Way. And while the kids were all having a massive sugar filled frenzied hooplafest at Retroland, the aliens (that are Grinch green goopy thingies) came down in their rubber chicken shaped space pods and collected the world's adults for their own ominous reasons...It's far fetched but- hey it's a cartoon- stop using that logical part of the brain in it's deciphering tracks!

Parents will have a few hearty giggles, especially those like auntie Emily here, who can release that "adult" section of the cranium for a while. The children loved it. Jimmy's certainly isn't for the adults. There's hardly a double meaning in the whole adorable script. It's for the kids. Smaller kids. Blunt Parental Warning: The older X-Box loving - Brittany Spears emulating crews are going to hate being dragged to this !

The studio has positioned Neutron as a cartoon to appear on their Nickelodeon station. It shows. The movie drags a bit...but the 4052 giggling wee ones were in celluloid heaven so, take the mass-marketing toy-tie-in propaganda out of Neutron's little existence an viola you've got a interesting crayon-like cartoon that will tickle the weein-kids Flamingo pink.

Snack recommendation: Jumbo size anythings from the concession stand-- you're going to need the sugar high to sit with all these kids!


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