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Notting Hill

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Julia Roberts is such a great actress. A lot of people think just because she's got that now gone-halfwit-coke snorting- brother and a supermodel smile she is all Hollywood make believe. I disagree and find her fabulous.

In Notting Hill, Julia plays Anna Scott, an actress who is very famous and has press hounds everywhere she goes- very annoying- I can relate-it can be hard, readers.

Julia is a joy to watch in this; bubbly and bright. She's rich, but down to earth. Beautiful but sensitive. Suave, yet bolla.

Here's the story...William Thacker (Hugh Grant-Elizabeth "superchick squared" Hurley's boyfriend) is proprietor (very British, ya know) of a quaint little book shop in Notting Hill, London--hence the title. One day he finds himself face to face with aforementioned queen of the screen, Anna (Roberts). And off they go in that crazy whirlwind of that on again, off again, I'm happy, I'm suicidal, thing called love. The chemistry between them is enough to launch a rocket. But alas, the timing always seems to be off. In one particularly badly timed moment, Anna asks William up to her hotel room, only to find her boyfriend from America there on a "surprise visit". It surprised me! It was a Baldwin brother--Alec! Unshaven, portly and odious. My condolences to Kim.

The arrival of the boyfriend creates a lull in the relationship between Anna and William, until one day, months later, in the middle of a crisis, Anna is caught scandalously in William's flat. She wigs and tells William how this little scandal will never go away, how it will be attached to every story ever written about her for the rest of her life-yatta, yatta, yatta, etc., etc., oh-it's-so-hard to-be-rich-and-famous lament. Hmmm, kinda like HUGH being caught in L.A. with a prostitute seems the focus of every journalists story on him? Tee hee. Well, what a pig- even with a chickbabe like Liz at home he's sneaking! Guess he's only Hugh-man!

Notting Hill was written by one of England's finest comedic talents. A bloke named Richard Curtis, who created Four Weddings and a Funeral and who helped create and write The Black Adder series1-5 (6?). NH an excellent example of this his wonderful abilities to create extremely quick witted yarns. Notting Hill was a nice departure from this season's scripto absentus plotious pieces. We got a handsome man, a pretty woman (no pun intended) and seemingly real people all around them.

None more real then Willie's (Grant's) roommate from hell-- Spike (Rhys Ifans). This hairy snaggle-toothed, winner of the personal hygiene neglect festival, epitomized the apex of repulsion. He could have actually been a roomie on The Young Ones (also co-penned by Curtis). Of course, he possessed that all too often present mega-ego found on such a creature--clueless to his unfuckabilty and enamored by his delusional perceptions of his masculine appeal. He actually thought he was the looker 'tween him and William. Puke-o-rama! Or as the Brits would say, "he'd make you blow some chunky bits."

There's a mostly British cast- you'll probably recognize them if you're into BBC TV. One is Tim McInnery. Best known as the flamoyantly- odd-uppercrust- friend of Edmund Black Adder. He, as the rest, do a simply smash up job of it , by Jove.

This is kinda a chick movie. It's a LOVE, LOVE, LOVE story and very touching. Especially the end montage, which had the me sniffing intothe guy next to me sleeve.But if your man loves you, or owes you, take him along. If not, best used for girls' night out.

Snack recommendation: Bangers and mash.
Written by: Richard Curtis
Starring: Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts, Rhys Ifans,Tim McInnerny,Emma Chambers



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