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Old School

Starring: Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell and Ellen Pompeo
Directed by: Todd Phillips
Rated: R



Old School is a manfest extravaganza with some pretty hearty laughs. Is there a point to the film? Nah. It's just fun like the old comedies of those bygone days when beers, babes and a brotherhood meant something. Old School's a little like legendary Animal House but with relatively sane men that hold jobs and already graduated from college...

Story goes Mitch (Luke Wilson) just broke up with his girlfriend. He's taking it pretty hard. His longtime buddies, Bernard aka Beanie (Vince Vaughn) and Frank (Will Ferrell) decide it would do them all a world of good to start living life the way they use to wild parties, beer and babes.

The new batchelor house Mitch is now renting happens to be on college property and the Dean (Jeremy Piven) is an old friend of the three. Well, not friend exactly. In fact Mitch and duo use to lock the guy in trash bins and nicknamed him "Cheese."

Needless to say the Dean is going to do everything in his power to eighty-six the group. His first attempt backfires and gives them a rootin' tootin' idea -after researching and discovering a "housing" loop hole - to start a fraternity.

In case your not familiar with Wilson, Ferrell or Vaughn - they aint exactly twenty and the funny part comes in the silliness of watching these guys actually commit to pulling it off.

The movie is pretty believable - swear. Well except for the fact that Beanie gets Snoop Dog to play Mitch's house warming shindig...

Andy Dick makes a hilarious appearance that is worth the price of the ticket alone. Jeremy Piven as the nerdy vengeful Dean on a mission was nice, if too a tad small a role for a guy so talented. And Craig Killborn makes a brief hello as - get this for perfect casting - a man-pig player guy.

Old School 's a great "Guy Night Get Together Film", or a date flick used so next you can drag him to Chicago. Are there life lessons to be learned from Old School? Not a chance. Moral subtext perhaps? A little, mostly in the faithful guys do exist arena. But basically it's just a lighthearted comedy that gives Will Ferrell a chance to shine in his element; explosive humor mixed with dollops of lunacy. Love this guy.

Don't get me wrong it was swell watching Luke Wilson, who's very very handsome even for a guy that looks like he's perpetually smuggling nuts for the winter. And really who ever gets enough of Vince Vaughn and his patented cool? Not I. Heck I'd like to slather him in hummus and lemon juice wrap him snug in a whole wheat pita and indulge! That man's tasty! But the funny parts are firmly thanks to Will Ferrell…other wise it would have just been a couple of hours watching aging men desperately trying to get a bit of their youth back. Wait it was. But with Will and the two studmuffins, Luke and Vince, Old School was enjoyable.

Snack recommendation: Beer Bongs and pecan pie.


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