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Osmosis Jones



Osmosis is missing a spark. The concept is great; a world filled with cities and a civilized structure dwells within each of us, crime, TV, even an inernet. It's a whole little one cell, germ infested world. The star-studded the voices behind the animation are recognizable, but appear to be on autopilot. This is no Shrek folks. Hard to believe this isn't funnier, as the directors are the brothers Farrelly; famous for smash- your- head -in- the- seat -in- front- of- you comedy! Personal heroes .

Chris Elliot and Bill Murray are the non-animated adult humans in the flick and neither showed any oomph. Murray has been handing in poop for quite a few flicks now. He seems as if someone's giving him a shot of Valium before takes. Or perhaps he's mixing Percocet in his Gatorade? Chris Elliot is one of my favorite comics. He was very funny in Scary Movie 2 (the movie I loved and the rest of the critics hated, just the opposite of Scary Movie 1 which I hated and they all loved, yeah, I'm always Miss Popularity"). He seemed to have shared the dullifing Gatorade with Murray here though.

Osmosis Jones' (Chris Rock) is a white blood cell living as a police officer inside Murray's character Frank's body. The tale begins as a lethal virus; named Thrax (Lawrence Fishbone) enters Frank via contaminated food and slips away burning mucus membranes in his path en route to the brain. His evil plan? To shut down Frank- permanently.

Osmosis figures out this is no ordinary germ from a piece of egg salad gone bad. This is a virus looking to upstage the E-Coli dude.

But the Mayor of Frank's body is up for reelection and news of a deadly virus visiting their humble carcass would hurt his hopes for reelection. He chooses to ignore the cops finding and schedules Frank via "subconcious" interplay to take a fat-fest-taste-bud treating trip to a Chicken Wing extravaganza, that will keep 90 percent of Frank's body happy as bacteria in the lower bowels.

Frank's noticed his parched throat and has taken a cold tablet to fend off his weak muscles and achy head. The tablet contains super -cop , super-snobby Drix (super snobby voiced David Hyde Pierce) He's armed with soothing pain relief and decongestant bullets, but can he stop an unidentified lethal virus he wasn't invented for? He is after-all just an over the counter temporary relief medicine. A generic at that!

Clever huh? So, why two stars? It's long and drawn. Bill Murray is grotesque and unable to hold his scenes. I tried to remember the Lounge Lizard of SNL. A happy place...but, that was too long ago to forgive these repetitive acts of mediocrity on his resume. Hating him.

The inner body mayhem in the cities the animators have created never "lets go." Never has fun. Which brings me to, so who's the movie for? My 8 year old nice didn't get all the medical terms and "haha" play on words and the 12 year old nephew thought the action was lacking and childish. Hmm. The sister in-law thought it was too violent for them though she and I giggled several times at the gross scenes, they sat silent. And I kept waiting, and waiting for it to pick up...till the credits rolled actually. Too dull for teens, too smart for kids, and not enough "adult" innuendos for adults. Sorry Farrelly's love you to pieces but this just sat there and entertained like a cartoon on in the background at a family function. And Chris Rock's forced witticisms got oh-so-tiring.

Molly Shannon's small role was, as always, a breath of fresh comedic air.

This is rentable folks, but the wee ones may be confused at a smart verbal cartoon with too many three syllable words. There are some very funny Farrelly brother signature über-gross scenes but all in all this was too dull to venture out to the cineplex for.

Snack Recommendation: Expertly washed anything. Perhaps a dip in a healthy bleach to water soloution.?

Starring: Chris Rock ,Laurence Fishburne, David Hyde Pierce, Brandy Norwood,
William Shatner, Molly Shannon, Chris Elliott, and Bill Murray

Directed by: Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly


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