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He: Wanna come to my place and listen to some marching band music?

She: What're you nuts?


The Other Sister is the story of a rich Republican family, the Tates, who have three daughters and one of them, Carla, is mentally retarded.

The movie opens with 24-year-old Carla Tate (Juliette " I'm switching agents as we speak" Lewis) returning home from the "special" boarding school her mother Elizabeth (Diane "Still a looker" Keaton) sent her to for 10 years.

Mommie Dearest wants to control Carla and mold her into a little Martha Stewart, but Carla wants no part of it. Carla wants to get her own apartment, go to vocational school and have sex (not at the vocational school per se).

An aside- wait till you get a load of Keaton’s clothes—whoever designed them, was the real retahded person.

After many fights with her parents, Carla gets her way and goes to school where she meets, Danny (Giovanni "Kissy lips" Ribisi) who is also mentally challenged.

Keep in mind, this is a Gary Marshall movie, so nothing is too close to reality. Remember, he created Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley. His reality can be a tad distorted and sappy at best. His last two movies really jumped into the barf bag; Dear God and the hideous S&M comedy Exit to Eden (Rosie O’Donnell in dominatrix clothes! What kind of thinking is this?) It's weird cause I still adore Marshall...

Anyhoodlum, Carla and Danny are the most well behaved mentally retarded people you’ll ever meet. God forbid, they should offend anyone or make the audience uncomfortable. I've got family members who act weirder than them! Me included! They don’t even use the "R" word in the whole movie. God forbid, it’s too realistic. (gasp!)

The one really annoying thing about Danny though, is the fact that he LOVES marching band music. He’s always playing it. Meanwhile Carla loves Billie Holiday. Men! Whether they’re supposedly "normal" or not, there’s just no accounting for their taste.

During their courtship, Danny and Carla "do it" for the first time on Thanksgiving Day. Then at a big hoity toity Christmas soiree with Carla’s parents, Danny gets drunk, grabs a microphone and tells everyone what they did. (Guys just can’t keep it zipped—flies or lips.) Big fight. Danny and Carla break up—for a while. Afterwards, in a scene reminiscent of The Graduate, Danny gets Carla back. You gotta see it to believe it. Or not believe it.

The Other Sister could have been good, but the film’s sugary veneer makes it just another cranked out Hollywood movie designed to please everyone and make money. It is doing neither...Ironic huh?

Juliette Lewis and Giovanni Ribisispaghetti did their best with poo-poo. It was only due to an admoration for them I stayed the whole annoying time wondering if anyone at the studio test screened this- for folks other than employees!

Snack recommendation: Anything sugar coated.

Starring: Juliette Lewis, Giovanni Ribisi, Diane Keaton

Directed by: Gary Marshall


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