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Judith OwenJudith Owen | Judith Owen Limited Edition
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Looking for something that's perfectly anti-Britney Spears? Then give a listen to verbal hotbox musician Judith Owen. As Judith said, humorously of herself, she's a "deep and shallow" kind of gal. I'd say she's a complex Freudian cocktail that's a delicate mixture of girly-girl chickbabe, and viscous bitter bitch, infused with extraordinary musical talent.

Each song on the cd, which Owen has also penned, is musically refreshing. And the vocals she accentuates her lyrics with are almost otherworldly. The tones and notes swing all over the scale whipping up an audio delicacy.

Then there's her piano style. Judith rotates the keys from gentle tinkling to rabid honky tonk mayhem. Simply wonderful.

The music is hard to pigeonhole - it's closest to rock and roll. And her unique voice reminds you of the first time you heard Annie Lennox. She's not vocally the same, but it's that same fuzzy feeling of "haven't heard this before!" that wells up around the senses.

The lyrics, within the thirteen song cd, are witty and sarcastic as well as thoughtful and provoking. The works are pleasantly unsimular. Judith makes you work for her music in a friendly come-give-a-listen-and-I'll-give-you-something-new way.

You'll be enthralled with the beat, and sink into audio bliss, as you begin to actually catch a clever phrase or two - perhaps needing to repeat the tune to be sure of what you thought you just heard was truly what you just heard! She has a great storytelling way to her songs but it's decidedly more Lewis Carrol meets Hunter S. Thompson than a fluffy female Billy Joel narrative.

The more bitter gals out there will love her first cut He's Ordinary. It's a therapeutic ditty for all the weary ones...Shine starts with a clever line that switches gears before its final word. Then there's a cut called Who's That Girl, which has nothing to do with Madonna and is far from "fill" crap. It's a solemn song that sadly tells of betrayal. A cut ominously titled Crash (The Car) had me laughing out loud with its blatant requests...

Run and get this readers. Judith's a discovery for sure. And one hopes someone with this much unique talent finds that shooting star, holds on and launches into the heavens.

Judith Owen. Remember the name and go get the CD, you can be the first in your crowd to be in the know, now.

Blunt warning: If your into bubblegum-Nsync-boiler room-born-megastudio-designed musicians that look like prepackaged consumer toy dolls animated and in a synchronized ballet with a sound machine produced back beat, Judith may not be for you.

Song list:

He's Ordinary
Creatures of Habit
She's Alright
Let's Hear It For Love
Get Into It
Mother Mercy
I Promise You
Hell and Back Again
Crash (the car)
Who's That Girl
Message From Heaven


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