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ParaNorman Soundtrack
By: Jon Brion




For those who “know” Jon Brion, an eccentric (when the word is so overly used, so no let’s say interesting), musical lad, who works mainly with others to shape up their musical thoughts – and entertains a few lucky people monthly at a local Los Angeles bar-cum-Mecca, hear he's released some music we get happier. Then when a string of his music is grouped together under the title of score, an excitement fills our air that can be tangible. See he does not "work" much by money-seeking standards. It’s as if he holds on to the notes, secreted away in some church-turned-studio; wiling away at various instruments until the wee hours…

Excuse me…lost for a moment.

Well, Mr. Brion (who looks as though John Cusack and Paul McCartney were involved in a strange DNA cloning experiment, and some swabs of famous composers got mixed in to create his unique talents) has finally emerged from his tower and created some whimsical tinklings for ParaNorman; a stop-action film due out probably as I type.

The score is 100% Brion. Which here the definition means a bevy of instruments in an organized confusion and, as with most of his works, at once sad and gleeful – I think he’s got that specialized enigma trademarked.

The humor abounds; Track One, Zombies Attack in the Eighties starts your flight. Its Flock of Seagulls, Weird Science and Cars odes blare – yet completely original. The Brion conundrum.

Next, Norman at the Piano, is so Brion you may have to run and see the film; it switches from loner-at-the-piano into a manical crescendo before abruptly ending, leaving you to wonder what in the H is going on here?

The music continues in this fun carefree designed way and the titles are adorable. I liked them all; and their orchestrations. The end track, Oh, And One More Thing, is wonderful as a cherry-on-top, and just made me giggle that this modern-day maestro has not lost one bit of his quirkiness – and he’s getting some big box movies ala Elfman - and just as original in his sound.

There are 16 tracks in all, and soundtrack collectors as well as Brion fans will not be disappointed. Now, if he’d just make another solo album (<- loudly typed hint).


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