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Meet The Parents



Not a new concept , a kind of screwball comedy for the new millennium. We all know Ben Stiller is a fantastic comedian, and Robert DeNiro would be good reciting a shopping list, ad to this director Jay Roach and bingo- a funny night at the movies.

Story goes...Greg (Ben "pearly whites" Stiller) Focker is meeting his girlfriend Pam's (Teri Polo) parents at her sister's wedding this weekend. He's hoping they'll accept and like him- he's a likable guy...Hey, if they have kids will Pam be known as Mother Focker? That's all I'm asking.

Off they go for a fun filled stress free weekend at the old folk's house. Scary huh?

The mother is milk toast. The father, one Jack Byrnes however, well, he's played by Bob DeNiro- what do you think he's like? Three men boyfriend's don't want to hear your related to; Tommy Lee Jones, James Caan, and Robert DeNiro.

DeNiro plays his Jack Byrnes as he always does- intelligent, believable and-if you were to cross him- wicked scary . Which of course poor Greg is bound to do. It's a comedy.

Byrnes' ways are mean and gruff. He's highly suspicious of Greg's motives in general. So much so he makes him; under go a lie detector test (though in itself not too odd-doesn't everyone have one of those hanging around?), has his "friends" do a background check on dear Greg and let's the lad know he's got his eye on him. That should make Greg feel right at home...

Well, it doesn't and one thingy after another starts to turn this weekend into a kind of surreal Rosie O'Donnell- eating crackers- naked -on your couch nightmare for poor Greg.

This is one hell of a funny movie folks. Stille,r who you may recall from Your Friends and Neighbors
as being a hirsute little chap, shaved his chest and sported a Speedo for one scene. I nearly spit snot and soda out on the lady in front of me I laughed so hard. About the Speedos, not him shaving. The shaving was a good thing. Man was that man haaaiiiry- like Chubacca hairy- I kid you not.

DeNiro is acting perfection. Isn't he always. We're used to his humorous side after that wonderful Analyze This. Talent to the tenth power.

Owen Wilson from that suc-o-rama Shanghai Noon is in here too. I haven't enjoyed anything he's done till now. His acting is fine but his career choices are, well, stinky poo-poo. Poor guy. I mean he went from second fiddle to bit part. Not good. He's talented if a bit homely. Maybe this will put him back on casting lists.

Get out and see this. You can bring the whole family-it's offensive free. For a comedy that is funny, That's something. Enjoy.


Starring: Robert DeNiro, Ben Stiller, Nicole DeHuff , Blythe Danner,Teri Polo, Jon Abrahams and Owen Wilson

Snack recommendation: Bacon and english muffins.

Directed by Jay Roach




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