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Love can be a special thing when two people meet, lust for each other, rip each others clothes like wild banshees back from a fresh kill, in a symphony of frenzy, a ravishing ruckus of of rabid Rhesus monkey passion. For a couple weeks anyway... What's that? You can't find a mantoy? A special chickbabe- Well you have come to the right place poor lost soul. Feast your eyes upon these catches. Who knows you may even catch love...or something-EM
(Blunt Review is not responsible for any claims for venereal diseases, restraining orders, court costs, herpes test or drycleaning as a result of this section. Peruse love at your own risk)

Bi-Partisan Stud

Betty's Hot 4u

Tenacious Titan Looking For Love

Caviar? Perhaps Aleetle Love?

Pubescent but legal
Wants to Butter You Down!!


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