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Does it really matter when one thinks of love?
Age: Man's concept of Time does not apply to me
Education: Life
Body Type: Sexy and sleak
Occupation: Film Producer for BBC and lover of life
The concert of my dreams is...
Rage Against the Machine doing all of Barry Manilow's greatest hits. If I were stranded on a desert island,
The 2 CD's I would like to have are... Dave Mathews-Under the table and dreaming and Thelonious Monk- Live from Berlin When it comes to music, I'd also like to say... People hate listening to music with me because I listen to Metal, country, jazz, classical, easy listening, punk, new age and trance in one sitting.
Travel: The next place I want to travel is... Madagascar, Paraguay, Uruguay, Mongolia, basically anywhere that hasn't been inundated with tourist to the point they sell their culture for a $1 at a corner stand. My favorite spot on the planet is... Under the water, anywhere.

What do you like to do? Okay, I'm not obsessed with following plans, but this is what an ideal week might look like for us. Monday- Wake up, make love,do yoga, meditate, make breakfast naked together, after work, go home, have sex in the shower, dine naked together, listen to jazz and read good books, go to bed, make love, sleep. Tuesday- Pretty much the same except at night we go to dance/spanish/juggling/etc. class. Wednesday- Same morning(can you ask for much more than that?),work, call each other several times during the day, do the same evening. Thurday- Sleep in a little late for some extra fooling around,work, dine naked, go dancing, or to a lecture on sex, or to hear music of love at Jazz club. Friday- same everything, fool around for hours, go out or stay in depending on which urge hits us. Saturday- Sex all morning until yoga, then to the beach, windsurfing, hanging out, or any water sports. Grab a nap at home (you will be tired from love and yoga). Later I dress you up and we dance.Sunday-In bed all day unless something urgent presents itself.
What celebrity do people say you resemble? I get Tarzan a lot, probably because of my long hair and physique.
I'd also like to say... I am happy, positive, motivated, intellectual and creative and I need nothing less then that from you. You more intelligent and successful you are the more interested I am, but you must also be able to relax and contort. I am not looking for Ms. Right Now. I am very very greedy. I want magic and sex of course. If I meet your prerequistites and you meet the ones I have listed, then send a pic (naked is nice) and lets hook up.
Personal Thought or Quote... Life=Love+Lust+Laughter.
My Match: 5' to 5'2" petite and flexible
Call Me: Pierre d'homme Desexe




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