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Last Fast Ride: The Life, Love and Death of a Punk Goddess
Documentary / no cover art available
Reviewed by Uber Chickbabe Emily Blunt

Henry Rollins narrates this documentary on San Francisco-Bay area rocker Marian Anderson that will break your heart. While the doc is not as professional as it "should"'s great the ode even got made. This is a gal punk music lovers adored for a kaleidoscope of reasons; her lyrics, antics, sexuality, vocal abilty and charisma - to label a few..

Marian grew up to become a woman of punk in a slow where-else-would-she-belong sort of way. On stage and off, she used her sexuality and raw nerve to share her pain with the audience. Maria mixed soul-filled lyrics with her over-the-top (and beneath vaginas) extroverted sexual performances. But, always if you bothered to peek beneath her news-making exhibitionism there was a hellofva a lady whose often horrific life-experiences couldn’t break.

Fact is punk rock is known for attracting “outcasts.” But, truth is the genre isn’t out casts so much as people who want something different for their world. And enjoy being vocal about it - even if that makes the majority uncomfortable. Many punks use rebellion and public stages to voice their views that are usually actually common-sense based. Whether it’s a government that has less strings pulling the mouthpieces, less violence against one another or good old fashioned anarchy; punk was where an audience got an earful of blunt and blatant lyrics.

Marian did just that. Eventually her sexual stage antics – that landed her fighting for first amendment rights in a very conservative court system - would over shadow her songs. Her lyrics spoke of her inner pain and her desire to be anything but a sex toy. Paradoxically, her performances created a second personality of sorts; there on stage she was a play thing that let others watch her current game play, and encouraged interaction.

Her dark childhood and subsequent experience on the streets gave her the desire to perform. A need to spit her demons out at anyone who showed up. She needed to be on stage. Like so many performers, however, off stage she was a often quiet, maternal sort that friends could count on to say help them move. This full-length doc interviews those cloest to her and the story shares her secret kindness under the latex.

But, like so many extreme talents, boredom and depression lead to tasting the nectar of poison honey that drugs first sucks you in with. Marian was no stereo-typical rock star junkie. She just needed to numb herself to quiet those little Beelzebubs lurking within. Her personal relationship was rocky, her past a category four hurricane that kept scratching her soul, and her self-built trap of creating a persona that now her audience expected at all times, whipped into a froth that built an emotional cage.

Then came her weekend without plans. This would turn out to be a lethal combination for a gentle person who played tough.

If you have never heard of Marian Anderson (or one of her more famous groups Insaints), Last Fast Ride is still a powerful documentary about one person’s attempt to bury the past with the rock and roll. But who found that path to an early obituary all too many talents accidentally discover on their path to becoming themselves.

Snack recommendation: Guinness and popcorn
DVD includes special features that honestly are for Marian's fans; I "liked" her but, the features are for others.

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