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200 Cigarettes

   Being exceptionally young myself, I really have no idea what the early 80’s were really like. However, if I would have been frolicing around back then, I would have been right in step with these fun loving oddballs! Grooving’ to all those hip tunes by Elvis Costello, The Thompson Twins and Toni Basil while MTV was still in its infancy. Ah, I miss the

200 Cigarettes has a catchy title, catchy cast, and catchy tunes. We follow a group of eccentric people around in their lives for one New Years Eve. They are all trying to find a party at a mutual friend’s and their destinies, while cruising around in cabs, dining, drinking and humping in the local diner. (It’s not uncommon really to try to find a party and your destiny at the same time; I have more than once thought their destiny might be found at the bottom of Goldschlager bottle in the hand of a spike haired cutie across the room.)

Courtney Love is proving to be a joy to watch (which is great, ‘cause she ain’t a joy to listen to). It's nice to see a tuff chick-babe like her make it on so many levels of mediums (and I am not just being nice so she doesn't beat me up). She's wicked talented. I don't get Hole, but millions seem to- power to 'er. The Courtella plays Lucy, a Demi Moore-voiced tart with an eye for best friend Kevin. Kevin being a guy, is oblivious to her blatant advances . Please, she may as well strip and leap on 'em right in the street screaming do me baby! Make me bark like a wild poodle! Clueless, that guy was.

Christina (Wednesday from Addams Family) Ricci is porked out in this flick—but too cute to rag on...well visciously. I will just say her butt looked like a ceremonial worshipping ground for pastriesand poor Chrissie’s coat looked like one of those creepy Furbies had engulfed her. That we can all blame on wardrobe. Bouffant hair and globs of bright makeup—they had her characterized like the president of the Trash de Blanc Trailer Park. Her hideously bold outfit aside—she's an American treasure. Her character Val was a fruity underage dipsy doodle.Way too familiar in my cirles. How 'bout you?

The Affleck brothers, Ben and Casey are in this. (Not to be confused with Ben Casey that doctor show from the 60’s) Casey looks precious as a soulful punk rocker looking for true love and more beers. Ben plays a gooney bartender, who is the affection of way too many members of the cast. Get real! On top of the fact he was spastic—he had a huge beerbelly (that’s attractive—let me wring out my underwear right now!) and was wearin’ plaid-as if any of the these dames would go for him. Speaking of which, that plaid thing tried to make it with the punkers long ago—okay here once and for all is the scoop on plaid: unless you have a set of bagpipes attached to your mouth PLAID SUCKS! It doesn’t matter if you’re Ralph Fiennes wearing a plaid loincloth, it still su…..okay, well bad example, Ralph in anything is Fiennes. And there was that cover of Vanity Fair where Liam 'Manbear' was clad in the sheet. You get the picture though.

Paul (object of my affection and full throttle lust bagel) Rudd is my official new boy toy. Well, for this month anyway. Oh gawd could he be cuter? He plays Kevin, Lucy's clueless friend who just broke up with long time chick Elle (Janeane Garofalo-a fabulous all around chick babe).But enough about the storyline—back to Rudd’s beauty. He is wearing those sexy sideburns—so few men can pull off such a hirsute look, unless of course they’re the type that "changes" with the full moon. Paul can pull it off, baby. Ohhlala. He looked like a French poet, only not smelly—know what I'm saying?

Martha 'needs more roles please' Plimpton plays Monica who fears her party, the one everyone is meeting at, will be a disaster. Martha is fabulous as usual. Her apartment looked perfect. Excellent set design.

The real scene-stealer here is David Chapelle. He plays the oversexed cabby spewing wisdom on life to the whole cast at some point in their evening. He's at ease in front of a camera and oozes talent, with a slithering lounge lizard appeal.

This was director Risa Bramon Garcia's directorial debut. Good job. Slow sometimes—but the cast is the up and comers, and she works them well. The script is not that strong, so her direction had a lot to do with the enjoyment.

Go out and see this you’ll laugh a little and hear some great music, oh, and there's Paul Rudd for us chick-babes and Courtney Love for the dudes. Life could be worse, you could have got to the video store late and had to rent Pukeback, er Payback instead. Snack recommendation: Champagne and beer.

Directed by: Risa Bramon Garcia

Starring: Casy Affleck, Ben Affleck, David Chapelle, Martha Plimton, Paul Rudd, Courtney Love, Janeane Garofalo


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