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Crystal: I can't believe I'm working with you Bobby!

De Niro: Ya needed the redemption, kid.


Well, I was pleasantly surprised the other night, Analyze This was hysterical!

At first I harbored a strange aversion to Analyze This. After all, Billy Crystal's last flick,  My Giant was such a Giant disappointment and sooo creepy--one bih yech fest from which I couldn't remove myself fast enough from the extremely comfortable seats to run out and trough at the Sweet Tomatoes salad bar next to the theater.

What was Billy thinking...maybe... "At least I'm not Chevy Chase!"  I digress. That, having been the last thought of dear Billy, I was not expecting the FABULOUS movie I saw.

Harold Ramis (along with a small army) wrote and directed this hysterical parody of the Mob and hilarious insights to modern psychotherapy.That might be due to the fact most of the writers came from dysfunctional childhoods, grapple with a latent Oedipus complex and suffer from penis envy. But, that's just speculation.

Anyhoodlum...Crystal's dead pan delivery of a well penned script had me laughing so hard I actually had to see the movie twice! Crystal's Ben Sobel,  is dragged into mob boss Paul Vitti's ( Robert De Niro) life to help cure him of panic attacks; not that it prevents him from offing people anyway mind you.

Manowar was De Niro great! He did his own parody! He must have a great sense of humor to spoof himself like that. He is right on the funnybone target.

The man who brought you Raging Bull now brings you raging laughter. His suits are to die for! Ya, know that's why evil is so alluring; they always dress the bad guys exceptionally snazzy and the good guys from the Big K Unfuckable Collection of Kenny Rogers polyester leisure wear. No wonder girls are attracted to a bad element; they're flame retardant.

De Niro's archnemesis, Chazz Palmenteri has been given so few lines it pained me (you know I luv that guy).  He shed his rotunda from Hurly Burly and looks as svelte and delicious as eva! Could he be better? Ah, no.

Then there's Lisa Kudrow. She should stick to Friends. There she shines- quirky and bubbly, here-she didn't. Think diamonds vs. coal. Gawd knows it wasn't the script. This is the problem in Hollywood; she's popular so she's in; nevermind 10-15 different chick-babes who coulda been, oh I don't know...believable?

Run and see this! You will be bursting with guffaws. Hey, don't go if ya got a cold, ya may blow snot on the people in front of ya (careful, they may be "packin' a piece"). I am sooo happy Billy's back on top where he should be; he's a gem.

And Bob? Please what can't that guy do? Oh yeah, sing. Remember New York New York? He's forgiven.

Snack recommendation: Some pasta fagioli, a little penne ala vodka, bracciole,  meatballs--mangia! You're too thin! Eat before the show, so ya stink of garlic for that odorama affect. Xanax for dessert.

Directed by: Harold Ramis.

Starring: Robert De Niro, Billy Crystal, Lisa Kudrow, Molly Shannon and Leo Rossi.

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