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Charlie's Angels



What a cute movie. Drew Barrymore has certainly become quite the little movie producer- and at the ripe old age of 25 no less. Her company Flower Productions has a few clever tales under their belt, The Wedding Singer, Ever After, and Never Been Kissed, so I expected Angels to be pretty good. Don't go expecting a Citizen Kane. It is what it is - a pubesant fall film for teens of all ages.

Over the top action with surreal James Bond like goings on.

I enjoyed it. The three angels, Dylan (Drew Barrymore), Natalie (Cameron Diaz) and Alex (Lucy Liu) did a great job of being trendy beautiful and properly butch. All the Matrix special effects helped add to the super agent feel carried throughout.

Charlie's Angels story goes...Knox Enterprises CEO guy ( Sam Rockwell) is kidnapped. The partner (Kelly Lynch) comes to the angels for help. The girls spring-kick box-disguise themselves to action and discover many twists and turns enroute to the truth. Never trust anyone I always say.

Yes, the story's about as indepth as this little blurbette-but it's the charisma of the cast and the fun action scenes filled with strong women characters for a change, that makes CA's work

I have to bitch a bit though. Tom Green showed up in this. That ass from MTV fame, and fiancée of Drew's. Okay-I love the gal, but just cause your playing World Series-style- hide- the- ball- park- frank with the guy is no reason to make up a couple scenes- miss matched repugnant scenes- for the boy. He was awful-per usual. What is this goon's appeal? Would somebody please tell me. His "comedy" is like fat grams in a Big Mac obvious! Staged like a Lincoln Center Ballet! Argh, I can spend one more character on him...

Bill Murray was okay. He just seems to do the same thing all the time. Murray plays Bosley...You may remember from Farah's Angels as the middleman 'tween the chicks and Charlie the illusive pumpernickel guy who owns the agency the angels worked for.

The boys are gonna love this. These three girls are each gorgeous in their own way, and enjoy showing the differences between the boy and girl species. CA's makes you almost want to throw out the "Cheese of the Month Club" selection, buy that home gym, call the cardio-trainer and shed a few pounds of baby fat-almost. Though, Cameron Diaz looks a lot like Jack Skellington if you ask me.

Don't worry girls, while CA's has no Cinnabon man treats for all us non-clam diggers out there... Nicholas " I just keep gettin' hotter" Cage will be here for our drooling pleasure soon in Family Man. Not to mention the cast in The Yards to keep us all warm and cozy this winter.Two words- Marky Mark.

Note: Crispin Glover shows up as a -what else-very bizarre creepazoid squared. His performance alone is worth the bucks to see this one. Do you think he's alright in the head- I mean in real life?

Enjoy this well done cheesy movie about a cheesy TV show .

Snack recommendation: Shake and Bake Chicken.

Starring: Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz, and Bill Murray

Directed by: M



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