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Arlington Road

Arlington Road boils over with excitement-well, in the beginning and the wicked creepy end! The story is fresh and interesting. Joan 'best creepy chick ever' Cusack, Tim 'baby-face' Robbins and Jeff 'one of trillions of Bridges' Bridges are stellar as the odd little suburban folk who live on Arlington Road together. Oliver (Robbins) and Cheryl (Cusack) Lang, are an Ozzie-and-Harriet-on-acid style couple who live across the street from professor Michael Faraday (Bridges).

One sunny day, via a near fatal accident involving a Lang child, the families meet. Oliver Lang is a charming, tall architect, with a swell bride with a smile. What's there not to trust? Hmmmm. I immediately had the hairs on the back of my neck standing straight up. Of course my neighbors probably hate me too, and think I'm a serial killer. Yeah, but I can't even remember my social security number, never mind being some multiple killer and having to number all those bodies. Remember, everyone when watched looks guilty of... something. Usually everybody is guilty of something.Well, all of us except the real "normal" ones- now, those are the ones to watch! The quiet guys, who wind up wiping out their whole families with an ax because their eggs weren't fried right or something equally significant.

Anywho, almost as fast as cellulite multiplies on Rosie O'Donnell's humongous, quivering thighs, Faraday is suspicious of his mannequin-like neighbors. He finds little problems in their personal history. And thus begins his obsessions. Enter the Jar Jar Binks of Arlington Road-the mandatory "Doubting Thomasina"- Brooke. Brooke played by Hope 'woodland creature looking' Davis is Faraday's extremely annoying girlfriend who doubts every word Michael says in regard to his suspicions about the neighbors. She doesn't believe a word the guy she's sleeping with is saying? Alright, maybe that's normal. But the convinced Michael had valid reasons. Come on, anyone with a pulse would have at least heard him out-and then there was his PROOF and all. Well, her stupidity is "rewarded"-that's all I'll say...(snicker).

Jeff Bridges is yet another under rated actor. He just isn't in enough things. And conversely, why does Ryan O'Neal EVER get a role? Ryan is such a fat, bloated alkie looking thing; he's actually beginning to resemble Ted Kennedy!

I love Joan Cusack. Gosh, it was swell seeing her up to her old tricks. Rent things with her name on them, she seemes to pick 'different' works that are as diverse as she is interesting. Tim Robbins is like, such a dude. Even with gray streaks strategically placed to give him that "distinguished" look, he still looks like a little stud muffin waiting to be heated in the microwave and have butter spread all over him, then slowly devoured. Oh, Sorry. I digress.

This is quite a thriller. Yeah, the middle was a tad Xanaxified, but, trust me, it leads up to a great exciting ending-even if they insisted on the cliche car chase! The writer, Ehren Kruger, draws up some pretty disturbing subjects and casting Mr. Left Wing Robbins in his role was very clever. At times, director Mark Pellington, was a bit over the top- a close up of a muffler at a tense moment-that was a cinematic first! Odd. Over all, this is great. Go see it, you'll never look at your Caravan driving, sweatered, average Joe neighbor quite the same. Or maybe, that's you?

...whaohahahoha < evil laugh.

Snack recommendation: Anything bar-be-cued
Starring: Tim Robbins. Joan Cusack, Jeff Bridges, Hope Davis
Directed by: Mark Pellington

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