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The Bachelor

Are they kidding? This has to be the stupidest, trite, asshole-ish movie well, since, Big Daddy.

It's insulting on, oh, so many levels. From the first few frames you can just tell Bachelor bites. They start the barrage of horrific 'bad cinema' scenes with some lame-o-rama comparison to men being 'wild stallions' and being 'trapped' by their wanna be spouses. This is shown via a grade 'D' stock footage of a stallions run with a super imposed 'bachelor' sweaty and heaving 'running' along side. These 'bachelors' are Chris O'Donnell's friends, and are several of the fattest ugliest unfuc*#ble creeps, that graced the ever screen. They made Austin Power's Fat Bastard seems a touch outdoorsy and petite. Yechy-poo-poo. And as if any of these boars would be even wanted as husbands! Gross.

Then O'Donnell's, Ms. 'extra prozac please' Girlfriend (Renee Zellweger) was a snore and a whiney emotionless corpselike bimbette.

DON'T SEE THIS....DON'T RENT THIS! Take 7.00 and throw it at a some child walking by...this is gonna bring you way more happiness.

I never liked O'Donnell. Now I double triple don't like him. Though this movie didn't just suck cause of him... the script was also a sappy moronic attempt at movie making. How did this ever get made? I gotta take a chill pill with a real strong Belvedere Martini. Kids, trust me on this...pick anything but this.

Snack Recommendation: Dinner without a movie if this is all that's playing!

Starring: Renee Zellweger and Chris O'Donnell

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