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Gender: All Female Baby
Age: Aren't you a fresh little sausage.
Education: Tah, like that matters a hoot. My breasts are a DD 'nuff said?
Occupation: Nail technician in Boca Raton Fl
Income: Enough to keep you in designer speedos and fresh chitlins man toy
Body Type: Xena meets Shania
I Like To...Get all naked and swish around on my silk sheets while slathering each other in peanut butter. Or take in an O'Neill play.
Favorite Music: Middle Eastern Club Techno
Favorite Food: Cuban Sandwich-it's got two kinds of pig, roast pork and ham!
Favorite Expression: Special ORDERS don't upset us!
My Match:Big -n- Burly. No sissies pleaseHeight: 5'7"
Call Me: Betty of the Jungle
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