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Blood Simple

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Considered by many the break through Independent Film (Indie).

When Blood Simple first opened in 1984, studios still made the movies with only known box office actors - maybe a new one here and there snuck in to test the fickle audiences taste buds, but never an entire cast of lack luster stars, as we see here. And, certainly not a story so complex Mr. Everyday Audience wouldn't necessarily get it. The smaller, intelligent films just didn't get made. Luckily Blood Simple did, the mold was breaking-loudly.

I was fortunate to have had seen the original. I went around like a private spokeswoman telling any one who'd listen about the quirky film. Yeah, quirky- it's by the Coens- Joel and Ethan (-Fargo & Oh, Brother Where Arth Thou fame). You know them now, but back then their new style of film noir was the freshest thing in celluloid to have hit the theaters in a very long time. Filled with eerie settings, classic plot twists snuck in from nowhere, and actors we weren't familiar with so we couldn't just guess where we were headed. As a matter of fact, the cast will pop out at you like old friends, Frances McDormand and M. Emmet Walsh, Dan Hedaya and so forth.

Blood Simple 2000 has had some technical enhancements that only make a great movie greater.

Story goes...Texan; Abby (Frances " Wife of a Coen" McDormand) has a problem. She's fallen out of love with her possessive husband, Julien Marty (Dan " Mr. Talent" Hedaya). He can't accept her leaving him for another guy-Ray (John "Now I'm Handsome/Now I'm Not" Getz). So what's the upright jilted husband like Marty to do? Hire a hit man-natch. Simple- Blood Simple.

He chooses a rat detective he had following the young lovers for the job, Loren (M.Emmet Walsh). Loren played perfectly by character actor M. Emmet Walsh is a large sweaty- baby diarrhea yellow polyester- suit wearing, hog of a man, defunct of morals, cleansing skills with a passion for the old double cross now and again. He's a vibrant character- like all in this classic.

Marty has no idea what he's gotten himself into with this premeditated request of murder.

But, what screenwriters Joel and Ethan Coen have gotten us and the small cast into is still fresh today— over 16 years later! They truly opened the door for low budget, intelligent, slow moving films. Real people banter, real situations, twisted around a dreamlike state. Call it a drunk lazy feel, which meanders up to the fantastic conclusion. Truly, still, one of my favorite films.

Find this folks. Buy it!

Look for Barry Sonnenfeld's cinematography credit! What doesn't this guy do?

Snack recommendation: Fresh fish fillets and milk. Be sure to put the heat up real high to give a kind of virtual-a-sensation effect as well—Em

Starring: Frances McDormand, Dan Hedaya, M.Emmet Walsh, and John Getz

Directed by: Joel Coen

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