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Loved it. I am squarely on the pro-Affleck team though. I enjoy the Yeah. That's it. Bounce had only one thing against it. The studio decided to tell the WHOLE friggin story on the preview trailer. I knew what, when, how, in the library with the candlestick, before I ever slipped into my seat. On the other hand, my viewing companions did not see any novella preview. Hence they were very affected by Affleck's Buddy and Paltrow's realistic Abbey characters as they grew to know them; their story, etc. That is so corrupt. I wish they would leave a little out of the previews-like maybe the PLOT! Are they afraid the two leads can't pull in the audience. Surprise an audience doesn't need to go when you tell the whole story Hollywood!

I don't want to ruin the story for you- so I am foregoing the outline I usually follow. I will tell you Gwyneth Paltrow and Benjamin do a fantastic job. The writing is real; legitimate. Well done. Sure, you'll see some corn on the cob fluff, but the characters are likable and intelligent. They meet under very unusual circumstances and love sneaks under the skin and into their hearts. That's all your getting. Trust me you'll enjoy it more. It's a different kind of love story.

Now let's talk Benjie stew for a moment. Lickable lad that one. Geeze. I first took fancy to his charms n Dogma. I dare say he's a Stud-a-snarous Rex and true Adonis. Scrumptious banana pudding with a twinkle ( not twinkie-be nice) smoothness in his beautiful smile! His, baby brother, Casey, is a budding man babe too. Their mom must just beam 24 hours a day.

Gwyneth is a remarkable actress. She's like Keith Richards thin but- she can't help it. Note To Gwynnie: surf into Victoria's Secret online and pick up a brassier or two girl! Just because you have itsy bitsy titties is no reason to unleash those Hershey chocolate kiss niplet accessories onto the world. Distracting-and not in a good way.

Get out with your date, mate, significant other or just to see a little something different. Bounce has character. Enjoy!

Snack recommendation: Grilled cheese sandwiches and coffee.

Starring: Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Affleck.

Directed By: Don Roos


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