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Cast Away

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Being cast away, in its most literal sense, is what Hanks would like to bring to mind. Tossed away like a used snot rag, or last night's McDonald's receipt. I think he succeeds.

I noticed the audience was divided viciously like the Lord of the Flies cast. Some wanted to skewer it and go on about how Cast Away spends too much time on island scenes, or la bitch about the un-Hollywood ending-" I work all day I want my Hollywood ending." (Actually overheard while leaving the theater) Others embraced the poor lost castaway, and walked away with a little bit of wonder and gratitude. Thanked Hollywood for letting us be thinking beings and not force feeding us the plot. I was in the latter tribe.

And yes the rumor is true! The movie really is just Tom Hanks as Chuck Nolan castaway with a soccer ball buddy named Wilson on an island for 85% of the the film. But I did say Tom Hanks not Keanu Reeves. Casting is everything no?

Chuck (Hankie) survives a terrible ordeal in the sky, endures the sea and belies up to what would normally be Shangri-La on Earth. A Pacific hideaway fit for a nice little tropical style Hyatt. However, there is no Hyatt here! Chuck's found himself sans the fancy room service, nill on the tiki bar and nada for pay-per-view on this desolate Gilligan's Island. Getting creepy!

Chuck has to learn to live like a rabid pigmy native, whilst avoiding accidentally killing himself. NOT like that pussyfest Survivor Island this past season. Poor Tom something like six years getting a movie made only to have some folks blatantly accuse him of a Survivor rip off. He didn't- it's not.

What would happen if you were lost at sea? Could your family go on without you? Would they give up, naturally presuming your fish food? How long would you wait for your love before you gave up hope? Sniff.

Cast Away touches on these types of emotions and still lets us nervously laugh a bit at Chuck's isolation denial techniques. Meanwhile we are thoroughly entertained by the genius behind the woolly beard inside Chuck's weathered- sun-baked- voodoo man- Jesus haired- carcass one Mr. Tom Hanks.

Guess who shows up as Chuck's love? HELEN HUNT-again! Okay it is getting a tad bizarre now. Can't you just hear the Hollywood moguls? "Hey we need a generic blonde- not too pretty - this Hanks isn't so hot himself. Don't want to ugly him up with too pretty a gal. See if that Ms Everygal USA, er, Hunt somebody is available. Well, tell her Spacey's in it then... anything just get her!"

This is one of those love it or hate its...I completely loved it. Even it's unorthodox ending...I find Hanks mesmerizingly talented.

Aside note: Fear not when you first start watching Cast Away. You'll feel as if you've stumbled into the into the 2000 Addy Awards™ (Advertising awards) ceremony, for this years Federal Express campaign...Not Cast Away. Have patience there is a light at the end of the dizzying gorrilla marketing start. Now would be a good time to ad FedEx to your stock portfolio...

Snack recommendation: Coconut drenched crab legs and Parrotfish sushi.

Starring; Tom Hanks and Helen Hunt

Directed by: Robert Zemeckis


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