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Cats & Dogs


Cats & Dogs is a family movie with exponents. If you can bribe an aunt or uncle or persuade a grand parent to take your wee ones, do it! C&D is adorable, don't get me wrong, but it's no Shrek.

Smaller audience members were hooting, while the over 10 gang yearned for the video games calling them from the foyer area of the multiplex.

The premise of C&D is great. Dogs now "rule the world" as man's best friends. But, the cats want in. One particular cat "Tinkles" (voiced by Sean Hayes) has staged an all out war against our furry canine friends.

The cats are too close to never attaining best friendom thanks to a parental scientist (Jeff "What? This could be my "Honey, I shrunk the kids, I'd love to have a ride at Universal!" Goldblum) is on the verge of a serum that eliminates allergic reaction to canine dander! Think of the world this would open up to the dogs! (Er, and the cats' -no?).
Tinkles must destroy that formula. Or better yet reverse it and make it cause a terrible allergic reaction whenever a dog gets within 5 feet of man, woman or CHILD! This way cats would take over as the numero uno friend in the households of the world (Which technically they are- due to housing rules on dogs, etc- but, go with it...).

Secret agent dogs and cats battle it out beneath our noses. We are oblivious to the warfare- and I mean warfare.

The opposing teams have have secret dwellings, state of the art headquarters and fancy gizmos that would make James Bond envious. Just adorable!

Jeff Goldblum, along with Elizabeth Perkins play the busy parents in the celebrity voiced farce. The cats & dogs have that real mixed with animatronics special effects, think Babe. Though the cats got the short end of the FX dollars. Most look about as real as your whacko aunt's taxidermied Tabby. Yech.

Goldblum is really starting to resemble a fly. Not aging well. No siree Bob. Eliabeth Perkins is her usual adorable self.

Still, for what C&D is- A KID'S MOVIE- it is very cute. There's not an innuendo, swear word or double entendre in the whole kitten caboodle! There's no "magic" though. Sadly, there is nothing that makes it a classic. It's premise is clever and some scenes very funny but it never gets over the "cute" fence and remains a quick fun day at the movies family style. But, I'm afraid, not one character is so endearing that your kid will beg for Cats & Dogs bedsheets, lamps, room guards etc. this holiday season.

The dogs were humble, sweet and loving while the cats came off as sneaky unloving feline frumps. That's sure to have more than a few cat lovers up in arms on the way out. Definitelynot scripted by cat lovers...

Snack recommendation: Kids: popcorn pak Parents: Valium if a matinee

Starring: Jeff Goldblum, Elizabeth Perkins, Alec Baldwin, Michael Clarke Duncan, Sean Hayes, Jon Lovitz,
Tobey Maguire, Joe Pantoliano, and Susan Sarandon

Directed by: Lawrence Gutterman


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