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The Crew is no aged man hunk fiesta like Space Cowboys. Not a looker in the whole group. Well, Burt Reynolds is okay, I suppose. But, lack of geriatric beefcake aside, this is a likable fun movie.

Warning: The Crew is made for mature audiences. Not because of profanity or sexual content, but because of it's sense of humor. With its gently borrowed stylings from well known past gangster movies,and the silver headed cast-anyone under 30 and into, say Adam Sandler, will hate everything about it automatically .

Story goes...The Crew, a group of close friends who grew up to be "wiseguys" (mob slang for "employees") haven't aged too well. They never went union, built a 401k plan or even opened a nice little IRA. Now, well into their sixties, they have little to show for their life of crime. Except those neat nick names, so popular in mob families: "Brick" (Dan -one of America's finest character actors-Hedaya) the lovable dense-as-a-brick mobster, " Bats" (Burt " I'm going for that Connery look in this" Reynolds) the volatile fuming attackative type mobster, "Mouth" (Seymour -you'll recognize him-Cassel) the silent one and finally, Bob (Richard "It's an allergy condition-screw you" Dreyfuss) a nick name never stuck on him.

Bob's the Moe Howard of the little gang. They live in a ocean front rental in South Miami, a retirement rental. Their sleepy little street has become THE spot in the area. Property prices are going up and the land lords are giving the lower rent paying elder occupants a firm heave no- walkers and all. The boys struggle to get by as it is. They simply don't want to move. They come up with a foul proof plan to spare themselves the evictions.

Ah, but fool proof anything, performed by fools just can't be good. Oddly, enough their plan goes quite smooth at first...then outside elements come into play. They are blackmailed by Ferris (Jennifer "Bride of Chuckie" Tilly) a tough stripper who has the class of Rosanne Barr, and worse, they manage to piss off a rabid Colombian drug lord and get involved in his large drug smuggling operation.

A busy day for the old timers. Don't worry they still make "early bird"- a South Florida phenomenon , where the over 65yrs folks gather nightly, like for Armageddon, at a restaurant. They must be seated by 530pm. Then they get the discount...usually an astonishing fifty cents off! Whoa, but it includes a free matzo soup! They'll beat you with their cane if you try to squeeze in for take out. Best to avoid eye contact too, or you'll be chatting till 7:30 about their prostate or hip implant...very scary. I have survived this phenomenon and am still seeking counseling to this day!

The Crew gives you a chance to call your parents and go to the movies together. Dare I use, cute to describe The Crew, without using a condemning tone? Once you get past Richard Dreyfuss' ultra annoying voice as the narrative (ala Good Fellas), you settle back and spend a little time with these aging buddies who often make you laugh - out loud.

Snack Recommendation: Overstuffed Deli pastrami sandwich, side of half sours and macaroni salad.

Starring: Dan Hedaya (Blood Simple), Seymor Cassel, Richard Dreyfuss, Burt Reynolds,Carrie-Anne Moss, Jennifer Tilly, Lainie Kazan, Jeremy Piven, Vincent De Paul. and William DeVane (no just kidding! He's in everything else this month though!)

Directed by: Michael Dinner


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