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G'Day mates! It's Russell Crowe. Everyone's into him now. Shame really. I have been enjoying him for those rice crispie treats. Then those creepy mutant Keebler elves had to go and mass produce them. Well, Hollywood's creepy little elves have started understanding the appeal of the Mickey Rourke-like man to women. Bad boys=Good sex. Or we presume at least.

Not your average Hollywood pretty boy, Kiwi/Australian (real Australian-not like those Phony Baloney "Outback Steak Houses" ) Russell Crowe has slowly been inching his way into the arena of leading men. He's at once the guy next door you throw a beer to change your oil, and the guy you wish would change your oil-if you get my blatant sexual drift.

His roles make him hard to pin point- I'm guessing that's just what this hunk of pure 100% man DNA intended.

I was "turned on" to him a few years back when an odd shaven man at the video store suggested I check out Romper Stomper. Thinking this was that old-time kid's show I agreed. It was, rather, a modern age neo-Nazi flick with adorable accents. Though ultimately an anti-Nazi view, Romps not for Mary Poppins fans. No siree Bob. Of course now with the History Channel playing the Neo-Nazi Group du Jour shows, Romper Stomper is gonna be easier for you to stomach.

Anywho, dear readers, not to dwell on RS, but, it was Mr. Crowe within all the hate spewing racist banter partaking in a particularly hot and steamy quickie with a freuline Nazi chick-that well, made me a fan for life mates. Of course, I refer to his acting out the scene...You spot his immense...talent, right away.

Ah, let me catch my breath...

Since Gladiator Crowe is everywhere you look. He's getting a rep as a big toad...I personally think he's got character. If he ever gives me any lip, I'd put him in his place, as fast as a kangaroo belts a tourist who got a wee too close. Bad boy shmad boy.

I probably own the only copy of Rough Magic pre-Ebay in the United States. It was the man's, er, clothes in that one that made my sister and I throw ice in the Jacuzzi of the fancy rental home in which we discovered the viddie...It's a bizarre little movie that grows on you.

LA Confidential was like a good girl's porno. Men of all kinds steaming up the screen. Damn near the whole cast was imported from down under. You have seen that, right? Mandatory.

Of course the hardly seen Insider was also, brilliant. Rent it and just keep tellin' yourself--He's 30 something, 40 pounds lighter and handsome if you like that rugged- Marboro- man- with- bulging biceps, a Harley between- his- steel- thighs- and -piecing- eyes that- lead- to -a- soft -soul look.

Last summer I had the opportunity to catch his band 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts "TOFOG" live. It was like partying with old friends at my mom's house. He requested a line dance from the 98% panting female audience, drank frosties and made a general mental state of merriment for the 2000 gruntettes... and I'm sure, stirred more than one primal fantasy in the crowd! He's cocksure and proud- why not he's talented and swell to look at. I think it's less conceit than the way Aussies are. Blunt and upfront! My type-o-folk! Belinda reviewed the show if you're into it-> She, still, lovingly calls Stubb's (where they played) Nazihell.

There's some gals who put together this mega-Crowe site...if you think he sounds interesting check out Maximum Crowe . Truly a depot of crowing knowledge kiddies.

There's an interview with TOFOG's bass player Garth Adam aboard too. Read it here->




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