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This summer is turning into "The Summer of Great Movies!" You know a lot of critics have been blasting DBS as a Jaws rip-off. Oh, okay, like wasn't that a fish movie from like, 1975? Helllooo? 24 years ago! DBS has special effects that make the Jaws shark look like a big pussy guppy fish. And other than the fact there is also a shark or two in DBS -there is NO comparison. First of all, that dweeb Richard Dreyfus was the male "lead" in Jaws; in DBS we have studly smoltry buns of steel, Thomas Jane.

Secondly? Two words and an initial for you—Samuel L. Jackson—lord of the quirky and interesting!

You know for a society that thinks 22 Halloweens and about a gazillion Nightmare on Elm Street movies are the shyt, DBS is what it is—FUN! Why listen to the stupid buzz! Get some Hollywood insect repellent and go see this.

Here's the tale of terror: the Aquatica, a deep sea research facility, has been playing God with a few Mako sharks, of course, all in the name of science. The scientists genetically enlarged the brains of these uni-fin killers to "harvest" a serum that could very well cure Alzheimer's (but no one can quite remember the formula--no kidding!) Subsequently, three of these fish babies happen to be about 45 feet long! Just terrifying.

Dr. Susan "Skeletor "McAlester (Saffron Burrows, who makes Ally McBeal look chunky) has to convince pharmaceutical big wig Russell Franklin (Samuel L. Jackson) the facility is worth continuing his company's investment.

So off they go, to the desolate station for the weekend. Oh, by the way, there's a huge hurricane approaching. Naturally.

Tsk, tsk, they should have been nicer to the whittle sharkie warkies. That harvesting of the medulla oblongata is getting them a little cranky and they have a hair across their prehistoric ass and they're on the hunt for "people food"--literally. Apparently, having their brains enlarged also enlarged their appetites, and as expected, they start chowing on the crew at the Aquatica. Hey, it's a horror flick plot! Telegraphing is fully expected. We just wonder who dies first, and how and when and what wine goes with "torso". The special effects are totally believable-wicked good. Sammie L. has thee best scene in this-we won't tell you! But it's sort of a "here today--gone to Maui" scene. Eeeerrrie!

Cook Sherman Dudley. (LL Cool J) is determined not to be fish food!  He's hysterical as he wiggles past one of the hungry trio of feisty fishes. Shark wrangler, Carter Blake (Thomas Jane) is strutting around in his tight little wet suit-meeeeow! He's a man with a past--so you know, he is the designated hero boy (with just the right musculature and bun tightness).

This was a fun summer night at the movies. Head out and enjoy it for what it is, a shark movie with a couple of bad ass sharks hunting some people folk and decent looking hunk to make it all palatable.

Snack Recommendation: Sushi of course.

Starring: Samuel L. Jackson, Thomas Jane, LL Cool J, Jacqueline McKenzie and Saffron Burrows

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