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Dude, Where's my Car?

Dude where's your movie. Arrggghh. Okay, I know this is for teens. But I think even teens are a little more sophisticated then this. Poor dudes. It tries to be a hip- stoned- out laugh- fest, but it appeared to be a cash in on these cute guys' appeal before it's too late. In other words before they are the ripe old age of 25 and no longer a Hollywood commodity.

Rush job aside...The story is just so lame. Even if you are token nonstop reefer air you wouldn't be this stupid. I got two words for you Half Baked. Remember that colossal joint of hashpoop ? Sure there's aliens- that are booby babes, mega-tons-o-pot, and lots of dude jokes...How long's that gonna keep your interest? Cause that's about it. If you want to relive the bing bang bong days you may enjoy this- but whatever you do don't see it it straight, er, what I mean teenyboppers is um, well, you shouldn't be reading Blunt Review. I mean don't see it straight! Of course if you wait a week it'll be on video/dvd and you can watch- comfortably numb -at home and save a couple-a-bucks.


Snack recommendation: Large bag of Lays.

Starring:: Ashton Kutcher, Seann William Scott, and Jennifer Garner

Directed by: Danny Leiner


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